Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cause, I mean, who wouldn't want a little of that?

Our neighborhood grocery store just started carrying this candy and Sadie is convinced her life will be meaningless and without clear direction and purpose if I don't allow her to spend some of her allowance on one.

I just can't do it. Maybe because it's called the Sour Flush.

Or because the lollipops are shaped like plungers.

Or that I believe candy should look as little like a toilet as possible.

Whatever the reason, Sadie was mad and cared not even a little bit about my 'using our purchasing power, or non-purchasing power, to rid the world of toilet candy' speech.

It made me think, why can't candy manufacturers come up with products with a little more positive message like the 'clean your room candy', or the 'go read your Bible candy'.

And it made me curious about what other candy nastiness is out there.

Here's a few.

Earwax candy.

Lick your wounds candy. Basically, bandaids with candy scabs.

And finally, the Chocka-Caca. It's a baby diaper with chocolate poo in it.

I believe this pretty much sums up all that's wrong with the world. Ya'll have a great day and go get yourself some Milk Duds which, in comparison to these are like a breath of fresh air.


Henley on the Horn said...

You are too much!! THAT is hilarious. I have never seen such a thing! I agree. The world has become completely demoralized.

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Ewwww! That is TERRIBLE! The color of the candy is not doing it any favors either. Glad you took a stand :) No reason to let her candy choice skills go down the toilet. ha!

happygeek said...

There really are NO WORDS.

Holli said...

But I do have to say Milk Duds look a little like what the plunger is suppose to get down that purple toilet!

Sumer said...

Yuck! Thanks for the good laugh this morning.

Jen said...

Ok--yes, as awful as the sour flush is, I think I would purchase one if I see it. SO funny!

Which grocery store?

Judy said...

When my little boy (who is now 49) saw a Milk Dud on the floor he picked it up and said, "Is dis candy or is dis poo?" In a split second it was in his mouth and he announced, "Is candy!"

Cole said...

That is disgusting!!

Punky said...

Melissa I have to say I've been remiss in reading your blog and it's my loss. But that changes today! "Mrs. Clean" (aka Candy) just encouraged me to read the last two days and I'm about to wet my pants laughing... snorting right along with you! I'm going out to by some potty candy to see for myself!!!

Zan said...

I am so getting that for Sadie!!

trixie said...

Remember garbage pail kids, trash can candy and candy cigarettes--quality candy of our day!

Meredith said...

Speaking of not allowing her to spend her allowance on this, how do you manage the whole allowance issue?

Jess said...

In Young Life we did the diaper poo thing. Competed to see who can find the most chocolate covered raisins in the chocolate pudding out of a diaper. . . . with only your mouth. It was my favorite game, but I think the toilet candy is just too far.

but, I think the candy company achieved their goal. The more you hate it, the more the kids love it.

These Three Kings said...

Oh yeaaa, it all sounds so familiar! hahahahahahah

except..the whole toilet deep
The hood has taken treats to a whoooole other level! may want to check with blogher ads about having your twitter on your blog..they emailed me and told me to take my down because it was interfering with their ads..let me know if they fixed that problem

Sue said...

Where do you find these things? Lol I have never seen this candy or heard of it before today (or the others you mentioned) YUCK!

When I saw the picture all I could think is how that blue powder reminded me of the toilet cleaning products - blech!

Glad you begrudgingly convinced your daughter to step back up on the curb in her candy choices - lol

Keisha Coconut said...

That's so gross. Your daughter will thank you for denying this when she's older. :)

Karin Katherine said...

milk duds are my favorite. When I was a kid the candy to get was "nerds". Times have changed.

Now my kids like the candy where you lick the white chalky candy stick and plunge it into the bag of sugar. Yep, a candy treat fueled by spit.