Wednesday, June 24, 2009

God's dirt.

The temperatures climbed into the 100's yesterday afternoon here in Dallas but that didn't stop a small group of little league baseball players,

businessmen, landscape developers,

Mercy Street staff,

West Dallas pastors,

community leaders,


and neighborhood kids

from coming out to break ground on what will be West Dallas' Field of Dreams.

Years ago, this twenty acre piece of land, along with hundreds more acres in West Dallas, was covered by some of the largest single family, barrack style, public housing in the country. Crime was rampant helping make West Dallas a place many wanted to escape from or simply avoid all together.

When the city ordered the demolition of the old projects and the rebuilding of condo-style public housing, this twenty-acres was left empty. And for over ten years, as Trey said yesterday, the land has laid fallow.

Then, a couple of years ago, the Dallas Housing Authority agreed to lease the acreage to Mercy Street for a period of 99 years. At the rate of $1 a year.

And yesterday, after lots of time and energy spent in prayer and by architects, property developers, and the Yellow Rose Landscape Company, we broke ground on what will become a multi-use sports complex for the community.

Bert at the Yellow Rose spent so much time in the city offices getting permits, they've given him his own parking space. And pencil sharpener.

There will be three regulation little league fields, two soccer fields, restrooms and concessions promising to serve the best nachos and dill pickles around. We may even whip up some extra-special Kool-Aid pickles on occasion.

One of the board members of Mercy Street said, "This is God's dirt - has always been God's dirt." It could not be more true.

I've said before that one of my favorite sights is watching baseball players, in their uniforms, carrying their bats and gloves, walking from the public housing to their games on Saturday mornings.

Prayerfully, this land will be used by the Lord to give the kids of West Dallas a place where not only physical skills can be developed but character as well.


Sue said...

That is so cool - may God bless every person who steps foot on that ground!

What an exciting ministry you are involved in!

Deidra said...

Now that is a wonderful thing!

Jess said...


Henley on the Horn said...

Congrats!!! That is so exciting for your community! How wonderful to see all of the support!

Holli said...

We see dirt. God sees man, women and baseball fields!
PRAISE GOD for the dirt He makes into to miracles!
God bless and PRAYING FOR another amazing thing Mercy Street is doing in Dallas!!!

Candy said...

So exciting to see God actually use US, His people, to accomplish His purposes with His dirt. And, what a blessing and joy to see it unfold.

Great post, Melissa!!!

Praise the Lord!

Caroline said...

this is amazing, melissa! so exciting!! thanks for sharing!

Traci said...

Oh- I love this! Congratulations!

pendy said...

Our God is an awesome God, and so are His people! Blessings to everyone whose hands touch this endeavor and those who walk on the 'dirt' in the future.

happygeek said...


Heather said...

How wonderful is that???! I LOVE it! May all who enter be blessed by the Blesser!

Process Mapping Blog said...

Great community involvement to brighten the future for so many in West Dallas.

Love to all,

colecrew said...

Hi there-I got your blog site from Sam Flores. I am interested in mentoring and have little kids...7,5 and 1...I was asking him if he could direct me to families that have little kids and mentor. When you have some time I'd love to know your thoughts on what it has been like for you and your family. my email is Thanks!

Kim said...

How cool! Wonderful story of God's provision. Thanks for sharing it :-) Blogging is such a wonderful way of chronicling what God is doing so you can go back and remember these special times.

Kelley and Robin said...

So cool!!! So excited for you guys and what God is doing! Love you, Kel

Nikki said...

Wow! What an amazing experience for everyone to come together to build this complex. This one brought tears to my eyes!

Grateful for Grace said...

Wow! How wonderful. Only our God could turn something from fear to fun. Like turning mourning into dancing.

Kim said...

Incredible! What a wonderful gift to this entire community. I get chills just thinking about the impact this "new" dirt will have in shaping lives and impacting families for generations to come!