Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A nightmare and a wonderful dream.

So, Arkansas was a blast and a hoot all together. A bloot if you will. It sounds like a word my kids would think was naughty or referred to bodily functions. They're sick little puppies.

I don't know where they get it from. Maybe a parent who, when looking at a beautiful waterfall in the Ozarks is immediately distracted by this group of people.

And must take a picture.

And then zoom in so you can all appreciate what made me laugh so hard I snorted Diet Coke out my nose.

Ah, yes, some Arkansas sunshine.

Ok, so anyway, Tee loves rocks and gemstones and all sorts of coins, etc. and had been talking endlessly about digging for Diamonds in Arkansas. Since we were in the state for a week, Trey decided it would be a great idea to swing by the Crater of Diamonds State Park on our way home.

Oh, yes we did. YeeHaw.

The deal was, we went out in this giant field of dirt, in 95 degree weather, and dug around aimlessly for diamonds or gemstones.

LOOK AT THAT!!! Acres and acres of dry, dusty, dirt. I mean, who wouldn't want to spend hours on end here searching for a 6.5 karat diamond like the one last found in 1998. For sure this spells fun with a capital F.

Once you've loaded up your bucket with rocks and dirt, you walk over to the giant tubs filled with cloudy water to sift through your finds.

I thought Dea was going to fall-out in front of everyone when he found out the sifter/combo we rented cost $87.50. Now, that was just the deposit, the net cost was only $11 but Dea knew the odds that Graham was going to somehow get his hands on it and break it were high. It would have thereby made the sifter/combo our most expensive purchase of the trip. Hands down.

I found it interesting that Sadie was helping her Daddy do all the dirty work and Tee, for whom the detour was primarily intended, was nowhere to be found.

Oh, my bad. Here he is almost knee deep in mud. His brand new flip-flops, lost forever.

And what about the other children, perhaps they were floating on a marshmallow cloud or at least out toiling the soil finding me a pretty jewel for my finger?

Or, no.


With a cast on.

At this point, I reminded everyone that we had to get back in the car and drive the rest of the way home.

This explains why Trey never wants to pile the whole family into his car for expeditions like these.

At the end of the day or 45 minutes which is how long we lasted, here's all we found. Darius got himself a good laugh out of that one and Tee just wanted to know where the nearest Sonic was.

The only redeeming part of the whole day was pulling into our driveway later that afternoon.

Something was different about our house - I could sense it. Like a Ninja.

Walking through the front door, I was immediately struck by two things. 1. My dog. 2. How stinkin' clean my house was.

It actually sparkled.

While we were gone, my amazing Mother in Law cleaned my whole house and, on top of that, had my carpets cleaned.

I knew I married well.

Every square inch of my house had been shined, polished, and fluffed. SHE EVEN CLEANED MY OVEN AND MY JUNK DRAWER. My JUNK DRAWER!

Now you might be thinking, "Does that bother you that she came in and cleaned for you? That she saw all your dirt? Does that somehow over-step the in-law boundries? Yada Yada Yada Yada..."


I loved it. Was so incredibly blessed. (thank you Candy. Shout out to you and your awesome self.) And will try my hardest to remember to do that for my daughter-in-law someday.

Unless my son marries someone who gets a bee in her bonnet about her mother-in-law and boundries and so forth. Then I'll just take her hunting for diamonds.


Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

I love that you took a picture of the would be plumber. Too funny!

What a fabulous MIL!

Jen said...

so funny. I loved your post and your mother-in-law. What a mom!

Becca said...

oh you crack me up :-) I would be so happy so so so happy if my mother-in-law did that :-) but I probably wont ever do it for my daughter-in-law seeing as I cant even clean my own house . . .

Michelle said...

oh too funny! Did you hose the kids off before letting them into the sparklin' clean house? What a great surprise!!

Sumer said...

Great post! Glad you had a good time!

Candy said...

So thankful you were blessed, Melissa, as that was the intent. Don't know how you do a smidgen of what you do. And, as I said, cleaning someone else's house is one of my spiritual gifts!

Is the diamond mine one of the Seven Wonders?


Anonymous said...

Oh what a blessed woman you are to have a MIL like that!! I'd love to take my MIL hunting for diamonds! ;) You can tell your MIL that she REALLY needs to use her spiritual gift at my house!!! :) Anyhow, what a very sweet thing for her to do, and I know you very much deserved it and appreciated it.

These Three Kings said...

soo great you all had a wonderful time!! I love that mother in law of yours !!!! What a blessing!! What a feeling to come in to a clean house..makes you want to dance around in tights and leotard like the girl in flash dance..it least it does for me! hahahha

have a great week :)

Best Life said...

Wow! Your mother-in-law cleaned your house AND her name is Candy?! (thus making you love her even more!) That is the best MIL ever!

I think that same plumber-guy was in the line in front of me at Walmart yesterday! (I kept saying, "Look away kids!"). Lisa~

emily said...

Tears over this post. Too many fine details to mention in those pics. Hilarious outing for sure.

Mom was more than happy to do it- she likes to clean other peoples houses, so really, we are doing her the favor! :)

Jess said...

I pretty LOVE your mother in law. Always have. She is pretty awesome and that sounds just like her to clean someone else's house for them. Dang...maybe I should do a post on it to put the word out... ;0)

I am loving those sunny pics...glad you caught it on the camera!

Jess said...

You are SO stinkin' hilarious!!!!

I actually had a friend who's mother-in-law broke into their house to clean within her first year of marriage. She didn't have the same reaction you did, I guess because her mother-in-law waited like 6 days instead of waiting until they had 6 kids.

I am SO glad you had a good time away!!

Donna said...

Steven and I just finished laughing pretty hard at your adventure. He's convinced that Aunt Melissa is not crazy but a lot a whole lot of fun. Candy is a gem! What a loving thing she did. Thanks for making us laugh and smile.

Sue said...

Where to start with this post - lol. First, with the "amusing" man in your photo. He was wearing a belt I saw. What for?? It obviously was not doing the trick!

Your diamond excursion looked very... interesting and dirty - lol

How sweet of your MIL to spick N span your house for you. I think I'm somewhere in between when it comes to the MIL cleaning... I'd love it... but also sit and wonder if she thinks I'm a slob and ruining her son, etc.

Glad you were blessed in such a special way though - wow... even carpet cleaning! Do you rent your MIL out?