Monday, June 22, 2009


Trey, thankfully has fixed my computer. Kind of. If this post self destructs in 90 seconds, you'll know who to call.

So Trey and I met a family at camp who we loved but, in the interest of keepin' it totally real, we may have kind-of, sorta snickered at one of their idiosyncrasies.

They were very, very worried about getting poison oak. Giggle.

Every time they would come back from an outing - horseback riding, hiking, dinner - they would want everyone to scrub down with Tecnu which is, in their words, "the very best treatment out there for poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac". Snort.

They would encourage everyone to totally disinfect and place our clothes in plastic bags so that the oils would not spread.

Uh, yeah, we're good. Snicker.

Saturday,we had a baseball game and of course five minutes after we arrived, Sadie decided she needed to use the restroom. Now, we had just left a store where the bathrooms were immaculate but did she need to go then? Of course not.

With no port-o-pottys in sight and Sadie hopping around holding her breath, we trekked off into the woods to find a tree. I know, don't judge me, that's not at all the point of the story.

On Monday morning, I woke up with a red, bumpy rash covering my arm. It actually woke me up because it itched so stinkin' bad.

Trey immediately diagnosed it as poison ivy cause, you know, he's a doctor and all.

It is so bad I've actually thought twice about going and having acrylic nails put on just so I could scratch better.

Last night, as a new ragingly itchy patch appeared on my opposite shoulder, Trey - not practicing loving me as Christ loved the Church - said "Wow, I sure bet you wished you had some Tecnu right about now." And then he snorted and snickered all the way to the t.v. to watch the College World Series.

Whatever. Scratch. Itch. Scratch.


Anonymous said...

Oh no. I had poison ivy for the first time in 30 years about a month ago. I didn't think much about it until my whole world came to a screeching halt. It was awful. As for the rash and the itching... I used everything out there and conculded that time (about 3 weeks) is the answer. But... if it swells and gets oozy (yuk)... get to the doctor for some steroids. Seriously. Good luck!

Deidra said...

Oh my. I'm trying hard here not to snicker. I love how you told that story, and I am sorry you've got the itch.

Candy said...

Emily is the poison ivy expert, being allergic to it and all. You might want to ask her how you make sure that you are, in fact, allergic, or not. I think soaking the rash in baking soda is helpful, seriously.
So sorry!

Henley on the Horn said...

Bless your heart. Here's a scratch through the internet!

emily said...

I have some on my belly and I didn't even take a trek into the woods!! Ugg, it is miserable.

Feel your pain.

Meredith said...

As always, you are a great storyteller. Be very careful not to touch your eyes if you are scratching a lot - it can spread!

Zan said...

Lauren says...and I quote, "I told them there was poison ivy down there."
I say, "Sadie did not get it, did she?." I feel for you, of course, but Sadie is Sadie. Can't have anything happen to my girl. Just think of it as you took one for the team.

LoLa said...

I love how you made fun of yourself in this post. Oh the agony of irony!

Sitesx6 said...

Sorry to laugh-but that is dang funny.

"He is not loving me as Christ loved the church"

HA HA HA HA......

"Getting nails put on so you can scratch better"

HA HA HA HA......
Seriously funny stuff!
Kelly :)

Sue said...

Bless your heart - I've never had poison ivy or any of those other poison plant itchies but I can feel your pain. Funny how that payback works though huh? lol

I'd make your hubby scratch those itches... using the whole sacrificial love argument ;-)

Cole said...

Hahahaha! You poor baby!

Kim said...

Your wicked sense of humor and creative writing skills keep me joining on long days far away from home. Thank you for sharing your gift of story telling. And I promise I'm not laughing about the poison ivy ... just the great story! Hoping relief comes soon! :o)
Blessings from Hong Kong,

Grateful for Grace said...

Sounds like Trey needs a good shoulder to shoulder rubbing while he's asleep. ;-)