Monday, June 29, 2009

The real story.

I posted Saturday about my brother turning the ripe old age of 40. In the post , there is a picture of my brother and I when we were wee babes and I may or may not have suggested that the scared out of my pants expression on my face, captured on film for all eternity, was due to the fact that my stinky brother had whispered into my ear something like, say, "I let the cat lick your passie", etc., etc.

A few minutes later, I got this email from my beautiful Grandma.

"Just read your blog and I will tell you why your eyes are so big in the picture.  Your Mother and I were together and the photographer was making goofy noises to get you to smile and look at him.  Bryan hugged you and told the guy, "Don't talk to my baby sister like that!" the photographer snapped the picture and this is the end result.  We all thought it was cute because we knew your now 40 year old brother was protecting you. 

Now you know the story ☺.  We wish Bryan a HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND GOD'S CARE UNTIL HE GETS HOME AGAIN.  


And with the receipt of this email, I found out something very, very shocking.

Grandma lies.

Oh, Grandma, I kid.

I know the only reason I can get away with that is because she's in the heartland of Nebraska and can't swat me on the rear.

I love knowing the story behind the picture and being reminded of the sweet presence of my dear grandparents from the time we were born. There is not a summer I can remember growing up without a week or more spent at their house.

We found birds nests in their bushes and watched the eggs hatch, we blew bubbles and took naps on their back porch while Grandma sang. She let us eat bowls and bowls of "sweet cereal" when it was banned from our house in an act of grand-parental indulgence. We baked, and sewed, threw the baseball, and smashed cans with another of my grandaddy's fun inventions.

More than anything I remember, though, was not the activities, but simply the time spent. Even today, when my grandparents give opinions or advice -mostly Grandma because she's the chatty one :) - I listen to what they have to say. They have built into their grandchildrens' lives some pretty weighty love capital and have earned with all of us a place of honor fitting two with crowns of grey on their heads.

Well, maybe only one crown of grey. Just keepin it real, Grandpa.

"Even to your old age and gray hairs I am He, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you."

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Candy said...

Love this post, Melissa. Proves that from the earliest of age Bryan was a protector! Grateful for Irv and Juanita and the love they lavished on the both of you and for the heritage they leave for us grandparents.


P.S. Bryan, a belated HAPPY 40th!!

Deidra said...


Now, I've lived in Nebraska just shy of four years and I know that your grandma, in the tradition of the Nebraskan Pioneer Spirit will find a way to swat you if it's absolutely necessary. Distance is no obstacle out here. Let me tell ya.

Jess said...

What a sweet story! Grandparents are a blessing for sure.

Holly said...

Hehehe what a funny and cute story! You are very lucky to still have your grandmother around. :)

Kim said...

What a precious post and reminder of the blessing of grandparents! Happy belated birthday to your brother. We are so grateful for his service!
Blessings from Hong Kong,

Sue said...

What a great post! Your Grandmother sounds pretty spunky, just like you - hee hee. I think that's so cool she reads your blog.

I LOVED living next door to my Grandparents growing up - they were definitely 2nd parents to the 6 of us kids. I felt so blessed, even though I sometimes felt jealous when the cousins would come because Grandma would make more of a fuss over them - guess it was that she was so used to us being around the novelty wore off fast -ha ha