Friday, July 31, 2009

It's as if you're trying to tell me something.

Well butter my biscuit, ya'll have some opinions on teenagers - kids in general - doing laundry!

I love it and kudos too all of you and your sagey-wisdomesque thoughts. Your comments were incredibly helpful and affirming. Thank you for sharing.

It makes me want to ask you lots of other questions, like, 'do these jeans make my rear look big?' but I'm kind of afraid of the response I might get.

It looks like Trey and my next event on the calendar will be informing Dea and Darius of their newly acquired duties...which, actually leads me to the second part of the laundry post extravaganza! Yes, that's right, there's more! One of you lucky readers, who left a comment on the last post, will receive, through a totally random drawing - not manipulated at all - the opportunity to tell the boys yourself!!!


And the winner is...

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-07-31 13:09:07 UTC

HANNAH!!! (Crowd goes wild)

And how amazingly convenient that she lives just around the corner!

(You have no idea how long it took me to get that random integer to come up on 25.)

Come on over Hannah, I'll be sitting on the couch, eating popcorn and Milk Duds, watching the weeping and gnashing of teeth when you drop the bomb. It will be like my own private movie theater.

Speaking of movie theater, Graham, my seven year old, and I are in the middle of a debate.

He said that he would like to marry Selena Gomez and that she was not, in fact, a 'HoochieMama'. I don't know who called her that but it certainly wasn't me.

Ok, maybe I did. But, it's only because she's wooing Graham's heart and it's mine. MINE I TELL YOU!

Selena, the gloves are off!

So anyway, Graham just came in and told me I needed to watch a video where Selena is filming backstage at her show. He said it would "prove that she's a nice girl and not a HoochieMama."

"How will it do that, buddy?"

"'Cause she prays and says she wouldn't be anywhere without God."


I guess I'm going to have to now figure out how to ban him from television and basically girls in general. Forever.

And ever.

Ya'll have a great weekend and I'll be back Monday to let you know how Hannah fared with her 'prize'.


Zan said...

It is not possible for your rear to look big in anything girl. As for G? I had this idea he preferred blondes, but whatever.

Holli said...

praying that "hannah's" talk with the boys goes well!

Henley on the Horn said...

Go Hannah. ARen't I relieved I didn't comment on your last post b/c you already had FORTY TWO comments, and I figured I had nothing to add. Best of luck to you, Hannah! Let me know how that goes!

Jill said...

I loved how there is such an interest in laundry...I agreed with most, therefore I kept it to for Selena Gomez, tell him she used to be the little girl in the Barney show...maybe that big purple dinosaur will detour him and his feelings....she is so sassy, my girls and I just talked about that this week.

Anonymous said...

Ok... earlier this year I found a t-shirt that belongs to my 13 yr old son in the dirty clothes hamper STILL FOLDED & PERFECTLY CLEAN. He had come home from a sleepover function oat our church and unpacked... I guess it was easier to toss it than put it away. I, on the other hand, had gotten up at 5 something am to wash that particular t-shirt so he would have it for the event.

Right that moment I called a family meeting and explained I would no longer be washing my childrens' clothes. I printed simple instructions and hung them in the laundry room and said "if in doubt, wash in cold. If you're really confused, call your grandmother".

Seriously... it changed my life. Since then, my 13 yr old son and 10 yr old daughter have done all of their laundry. As an act of service/sweetness, I did their laundry when they came home from Pine Cover... campy laundry is gross.

I really saw it as a respect thing, more than anything. Their actions said they were either ignorant to or didn't respect the time I spent cleaning their clothes. They do now. And honestly, my daughter's better at it than I am!

Changed my life, I tell you. Good luck.

emily said...

Good luck Hannah- you can do it! Will be anxious to hear how that goes.

Anonymous said...

Cracking up! Go Hannah! Can't wait to hear how it goes.


Karin Katherine said...

Whew, for a second there I was afraid it was going to have to be me. I think you should vblog it---or whatever that is called...I have to SEE when the young boys are informed of their new duties.

; 0 )

Mrs. Troop said...

So glad to have a minute to catch up over here! LOVE reading your posts - always!
Good luck on the laundry thing - haven't ventured out on the limb of my kids doing their own. It runs all of the time, anyway. But I do have them do all the rest (collecting, sorting, folding, putting away) - that's all of the work!

Nezzy said...

Go Girl, you said "rear" you don't use the b word either!! As for laundry, Hubby is working on a bulldozer today...Uck. It'll keep this country gal busy. Have a blessed week-end!!!

hannahgarippa said...

You have no idea how happy this makes me...