Thursday, July 16, 2009

Saving the day.

I can't thank you all enough for your ideas yesterday! They were so incredibly helpful and I can't wait to try out your recipes.

Ultimately, what I need to remember is that my mother-in-law reads my blog and somehow, the fact that I didn't know what I would be serving a group of 50 in a few short hours is enough to send her into full disaster prevention mode. And she's good, real good.

She could totally have been a Navy SEAL if Demi Moore hadn't ruined it for all the women. It's true, Bryan, stop shaking your head. She has mad skills.

By noon, I knew what I would serve but hadn't begun preparing anything. It might lead you to believe that my gifts lie in the formulation of the "plan", not so much in the execution. I like to call myself a visionary. It has a nice ring.

Further proof of this might be the fact that while I was leisurely lunching with an old friend, not having even gone to the grocery store yet, Candy was calling me on my cell phone repeatedly while pushing a cart through Sam's Club throwing in whatever she thought might feed a group of ravenous Jesus freaks. She obviously didn't know my "plan".

I, unfortunately, could not hear my phone because Chick-Fil-A does not have a quiet zone and the sound of my children contemplating the free ice cream vs. toy conundrum is enough to drown out a sonic boom.

This is where I admit to the public that, if my mother-in-law has a panic attack one day in the middle of Sam's Club, I may be responsible.

Anyway, when she finally got in touch with me at, um, say 2:45ish, she had taken the reins and bought enough Sloppy Joe fixin's to feed an army.

I promise I had a "plan". I did. Really.

It would have failed miserably.

We ended up with way more people at church last night than I expected and ten pounds of Sloppy Joe's barely covered it. My "plan" would not have covered 1/2 of the people for dinner. I may be a visionary, but that doesn't mean I'm a good one. Instead, we had yummy sandwiches, chips, watermelon, cake and ice cream and lots and lots of happy, and full worshipers.

And maybe one mother-in-law who has now developed a nervous tick.

Again, I got to see how the Lord always provides exactly what we need, often in spite of my efforts. Thankfully, his plan is not our "plan", and His ways are not our ways.

Thanks again for your suggestions!


happygeek said...

Gotta LOVE a good mother-in-law.
Even one with a nervous tic.

Holli said...

can I have your MIL? tell her I will at least give her a 24 hour notice and answer her calls!

emily said...

Way to go mom!

So thrilled that many more are coming- what a gift.

Caroline said...

loved your updates on the church. so glad so many came out last night!
candy is the greatest. hope i get a mother in law like her one day!!

Sumer said...

What a lady that MIL of yours is. To have such a wonderful DIL must be a blessing to her as well. Great post.

Candy said...

Before I am extolled too much, lets chalk up the rescue mission at least partially to the total Type-A control oriented part of my character. I am working on it with the Lord's help.

As to the Navy SEAL capability: no way! I've seen the Discovery Channel SEAL School and I'd have bailed on the Pacific water "sleepover" in about 3 minutes!! It absolutely takes a Bryan!!

Love you. Thankful it worked out.

Krista said...

that is just what my dear mother in law would do :) you might want to check out the Alpha cookbook - the recipes are good, inexpensive and designed to feed a lot of people.

Susan said...

Sweet Candy!!!

Traci said...

Did you ever see My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Do you remember the dad's obsession with Windex? My MIL has that same obsession with Sam's- which has worked out really well for us. When I was sick last spring she literally showed up on a Sunday afternoon with enough food to feed the Navy SEALS- and had somehow managed to teach Sunday School, attend church, make the food, drive 45 minutes, and still make it by 3:00. It's a wondrous thing isn't it?

Colored With Memories said...

praise God for awesome mother-in-laws...yours is great indeed! she was my first precepts teacher many years ago! back when you were pregnant with your second...or third? and your father-in-law was running for how in the world did she have time to teach with all that going on?!? amazing indeed!

Sue said...

I see a big bouquet of flowers in your Mother in Law's future - hee hee

Talk about God coming through for you... that was amazing to read!!

Becca said...

oh but i love this, because my MIL is the exact same way. And I am just like you. It can be a good/bad combination. I mean, it's great for me until she gets sick of running in and rescuing me haha

Sandra said...

I need your MIL's number. Now.