Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Who turned down the volume?

Sunday afternoon, after a night filled with incessant questioning, "Is it time to go yet? Is it morning, yet? Is that the sun? I think that's the sun. Mom! The sun's up!", we packed three anxious, if not well-rested Hill children into the back of our decorated car and shipped them off to camp. Then, we sent Sadie to Camp Nanny and Bunty, a.k.a. House of Spoiling, for a couple of days.

And good riddance. Whew.

Except, my babies are not here. They're, sniff, at camp. For a whole week.

My house is quiet

And clean.

Laundry is done, folded, put away.

There is a completed puzzle that is still intact and none of the pieces have been placed in the DVD player to see if a movie plays.

The flowers are watered.

Errands are done.

I knew what we were having for dinner tonight before we even had breakfast.

It's creepy.

Trey and I did get a couple of days to ourselves fishing and eating steaks in the smallest town in Texas. Pure awesomeness. Except for the remnants of my poison ivy which you can still see on my arm in this picture.

See, right there.

It does distract from the fact that I forgot to put mascara on, though, which is a bonus.

Anyway, it's quiet. A little too quiet. Sadie, Dea, Darius, Trey and I are doing the best we can to get through the week. We're sleeping in late, doing puzzles, and chilaxin at Sonic Happy Hour.

And we're hoping Monkey getting the staples out of his shoulder where a girl stabbed him with a piece of glass because he told one too many "Yo momma." jokes won't be the most exciting thing that happens all week.



Karin Katherine said...

Since I currently have 4 children under the age of 7, shipping them all off for a few days sounds like heaven...but like you, I wouldn't know what to do with myself either.

Jess said...

Dude. Word.

:0) You make me smile

Deidra said...

Your stories make me happy. Thanks for posting! Enjoy the quiet, girlfriend. Enjoy it, I tell you. Like Mary, the mother of Jesus, where they said she pondered these things and treasured them in her heart. I think she did that in a rare moment of silence.

Traci said...

Oh thank you for the Monkey story. My very first teaching job was at an inner city school that was fed by 5 housing projects, so basically we had 5 gangs. My very favorite kid was a kid we called BM- not for the reason you think- because he was shot 6- yes 6 times- in one year. And the funny thing- funny odd, not funny ha ha- is that all six times he was caught in crossfire- he was NEVER the intended target.

Anyway, I so loved that year of teaching and those kids- and still keep in touch after 16 years with several of them- the Monkey story just brought back a flood of memories!

Oh- and happy quiet week- isn't it nice? We're looking forward to a childless week next week.

Kim said...

Love your blog! I posted so I am now no longer a "stalker" of yuor website! Thanks for making me laugh often :) Enjoy your peace and quiet without the kiddos!

Henley on the Horn said...

Just a typical day in your life.... glass in your shoulder for too many "yo mamma" jokes. Keep it real & enjoy your week! It must be pick up time now!

emily said...

Know they are having a blast! Miss you guys. Will head home tomorrow.

Love that pic of you two. Totally stealing it.

Sue said...

Oh my about the glass in the shoulder - ouchie!

You are too cute... pointing out the mascara absence... I totally wouldn't have noticed - lol I often forget to put makeup on and just as we walk out the door ask my hubby if he minds I'm not wearing any. Thankfully he doesn't care! phew!

Hope your kids are having a blast at their various getaways. Sounds like you & hubby got some quality time in ;-)