Monday, August 3, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth.

Because I am an incredibly attentive wife and in tune with the every thought and emotion of my husband, I can always tell when Trey starts to get a little stressed and feels under the pile.

He gives me certain clues, like, "Babe, I'm feeling under the pile."

It's as if I have a sixth sense.

In an effort to try and get him out from under the pile, we did what all wives in Texas do with their husbands; we sent him fishing. I mean, really, is there a better way to refresh your soul than on a serene lake with a spinner-bait at the end of your line? I don't think so.

While he was gone, the kids and I embarked on several adventures, some of which I'll tell you about this week, some of which I may keep to myself because, well, they just weren't that exciting.

Saturday afternoon, we were invited to watch Ringling Brother's GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, said with enthusiasm and drama, from a box at the American Airlines center. Seriously, so stinkin' awesome.

Five minutes in, I came to the sad realization that my children had never been to the circus when Graham asked if the elephants were real. "What about the other animals, are they real too?"

"Ahem, yeah", said the loser mom who deprives her children of the circus every year because walking past table after table of $12 cotton candy, $11 snow-cones, and $24 spinner-light-up-things with four children could be deemed as torture in 22 states.

Apparently, the whole, "We're not buying anything so make sure you eat a good lunch", thing went totally over their heads because not thirty seconds after walking in the door, Graham told me he was 'so thirsty he might die', and Sadie was, 'hungry, mama, real hungry. Do they sell McDonald's?'

But, I said...oh forget it.

Thankfully, the suite we were in was loaded down with hot-dogs, popcorn, and Diet Coke. It's as if they knew I might need one or seven.

I have never seen my children sit, totally enraptured, for 2.5 hours. I mean, except for Sadie getting up every fifteen minutes to refill her popcorn bowl. It makes me think I might have a little more success in my day to day if I wore a long red coat, giant top-hat, and spoke in a deep baritone voice.

"C'mon boys and girls! We're off to the greatest place on earth...THE GROCERY! Aisles and aisles of wonderment and cereal, just waiting to be placed in the basket!"

It could totally work, and I'm 1/3 of the way there since we already have the top-hat. It came with the $12 cotton candy that I swore I wouldn't buy - but did anyway.

Because I'm a sucker for giggly, delighted children. That's how I roll.


Joy said...

Sounds like you had a great time and had a little break from the every day... :-)

Henley on the Horn said...

Love it. At least you didn't buy the light up thing... or did you? Tell the truth....

Zan said...

Hmmm...I decided to tell my kids about the child slave labor it took to make those shirts and top hats and we would not partake. Just how I roll :)
Kidding...the circus creeps me out.

Becca said...

I just ended my post earlier today with "that's how we roll" and I hadn't even read this yet - its like we are long-lost sisters or we both work in the inner city or something . . .

mom23kings said...

OK...My boys have nevere been to the now I feel like the bad mom! Can't wait to hear about your other adventures.


Karin Katherine said...

I like how you roll. I'm also a sucker for the cotton candy and junk myself so my kids don't even have to ASK---I'm already buying it up! I drive my hubby crazy at Disney World.

The Smittys said...

i have the same sixth sense... you know where they have to spell it out and THEN you get it. yep, that's how i roll too! love it!

Anonymous said...

I've got those same 6th sense abilities! I knew Hubby has been working way too hard, but today I KNEW it when he sent me a text that said, "I'm dead." And sadly, he means it.
The circus suite sounds like loads of fun! We've been a couple of times, but we obviously don't know the right people, b/c we weren't in a suite! ;)


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Makes me wish I could've been there!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I forgot to say that their comments about the animals being real makes me realize how much our kids are used to computer generated images. Our grandchildren may not be able to distinguish, at a glance, who the real person is versus the holograms or something futurey like that.

Lori said...

Is the fishing spot a local place? We are looking for some good bass fishing places around these parts. :) THanks!