Thursday, August 27, 2009

I guess I'll take the ham.

So Sadie officially started Kindergarten this morning and I was all ready to snap thousands of pictures of the whole crew in their uniforms.

Unfortunately, my offspring were not cooperating.

Tee was upset because of, um, uh, I have no idea but it was something that paralyzed the corners of him mouth and they would not turn up no matter how much I bribed/cajoled/pleaded/threatened.

Although I did not get a decent shot of all four of my kids in their uniforms,together, I did manage to get a few of Sadie who was clearly upset to be leaving me for her first day.

Clearly not. She doesn't care about me, she just cares about being in school with a pink backpack, pink lunchbox, and pink water bottle. And finally being 100% free to wear the EXACT same outfit as her sister in public.

"Please, girls, smile for mommy."

Now, I'm going out on a limb here and showing you this picture to make two points. One - the kind-of-sad-lamenting-she'll-miss-me face is totally put on for the camera's benefit. Two - it is nearly impossible for me to be out of my running clothes, dressed, with make-up by 7:15.

I ran around the rest of the day looking just like this because my baby is in school and I'm sad AND I have several hours to take care of business and didn't want to waste a moment of it with a shower.

"Ok, big smile for Momma!"

This one is totally put on, too. "Momma, take a picture where I look like I don't want you to take my picture and I'm bored."

"Ok, now I'll real-smile for you. One time. Make it good."




Henley on the Horn said...

Adorable!! I know it was strange not having a house full of little ones today!!!! I hope you were able to run around and clean and cook and maybe even sneak in a Diet Coke & some Milk Duds. After all, we all need our bons bons!

Kelley said...

Ohhhhh, Say Say! Can't believe she's in kindergarten! I know she must have been so excited! She had already told me all about what she was going to get to wear when I was home visiting! It's kinda' sad when they are all now in full time school huh? But, then you also get some good free time now as well! Hope all is well with you guys!
Love, Kel

pendy said...


Also, she might be happy to wear that uniform now but at some point in the future, both of the girls are going to be completely humiliated by those ties around their necks! :)

Jess said...

Your baby girl is PRECIOUS. I can't believe baby "Say Say" is in kindergarten. The kids used to always go on about baby Say Say and how funny she is...

And you look great! Wait until I get a pic of myself up on my little blog...scary these days I tell you, and I am about 5 kiddos behind you. :0)

Caroline said...

I was thinking about you today sweet friend. Your pics of little Sadie are just precious! Hope she had fun at school and hope you are doing alright:) Miss you!

emily said...

How in the world is that precious child in Kindergarten? I swear I was walking in the delivery room yesterday- wow! Guess we are getting old. :(

Abby said...

Seriously! She's so stinkin' cute! It'll be a sad, sad day when my baby's in Kind.

Becca said...

She is so so cute! :-) ps - who bothers showering? not me usually!

Anonymous said...

I feel older every time one of the grandkids starts school. They grow so fast and I age so fast.


Sumer said...

Sweet, both the pictures and your peaceful house during the day!