Saturday, August 8, 2009

On the road, again.

A week ago, we were celebrating Trey's parents 45th wedding anniversary. Trey had been out of town but came back early to be with the family for this special occasion.

And for the sushi.

Apparently, he loves all kinds of fish be they small mouth bass or yellow fin tuna on rice. He does not discriminate.

The gentleman taking this picture was, we believe, slightly inebriated. Of the six he took, this was the only one not blurry and with everyone's heads in-tact.

At dinner, Candy pulled out lots of old pictures of us through the years. It was so funny to see how much we'd changed and how young we were when we first got married.

It was also nice to confirm, once and for all, that bangs are a really unfortunate choice for my face.

Well, now, a week later, we're not preparing for a fun dinner out with family and no wild children; we're packing for camp.

We leave tomorrow, with 118 Mercy Street kids, and head back to Pine Cove for the week. It has been a much prayed for trip and we continue to pray for each child who will be coming along. It's a chance for them to be out of the city, surrounded by fun, people who love them, and zip-lines.

That last one makes my stomach hurt a little but I will once again, put my big-girl panties on, and deal with it.

Please join us in praying for our week, the kids, the counselors that are going with us and the Pine Cove Staff waiting for us in Columbus. We've had several situations this summer with kids that would break your heart and we pray that this will be a chance for them to experience camp with childlike eyes and be encouraged and strengthened in Christ.

Meanwhile, back at the homestead, Dea and Darius will be here because they've got to work, and go to school, and practice their laundry which, by the way, is going just O.K.

Darius told me laundry was his Kryptonite. I told him that smelly clothes might be his downfall with the ladies when he starts school.

Duly noted.

Staying with he boys will be Tracy who is a beloved member of Mercy Street staff. If you need something done at the facility, he's your man. He grew up in the community and loves people and the Lord above all else.

In preparation for grocery shopping for the week, I asked Trey what Tracy would like to have in the house while he's here.

"Will he cook? What does he like to eat? Anything special that he wants? What can I make him before we leave?"

Trey looked at me, put one hand on my shoulder and said, "Melissa, he's 43 years old and has been taking care of himself for a long, long time. He's been to prison - I'm pretty sure he can handle dinner."


I'll try to blog some while we're gone but if there's no internet, or no power outlets, or I'm sitting in a corner crying because they're trying to make me do the high-ropes-course, I'll see you next week!

Have a great one.


Holli said...

really your blog just makes me laugh! my son just walked by and said "mom you are always laughing at your computer."
Not the computer just Big Mama Mel.
Love your heart!
Thanks for the laughs!
Prayers for the week!!!

Joy said...

have fun at camp! I drove by Pine Cove on Tuesday. It's hot there. :-)


Cole said...

Have fun at camp!

Caroline said...

I'll be praying for ya'll's week at camp!! That the Lord would truly do exceedingly abundantly beyond all you could ask or imagine!
Loved seeing you guys last night! Love you, friend!

Candy said...

Praying for the Lord's glory to shine at Pine Cove this week, for souls to be saved, sancitified, submitted, and for Jesus to be exalted. Praying also that ropes courses can be conquered, zip-lines enjoyed.

The Anniversary celebration was sweet for us!
I completed the ropes course at Kanakuk at age 47.
You've got 10 years on me, girl. You can do it!!

Kari said...

I just adore your sister and I have a special friend I dubbed Mama Mel... I think we have a lot in common:)) Have a blast at camp. I'm still going thru withdrawals not being at camp with Team Alexander:)
Love your blog!!

Susan said...

Can't wait for great stories...have fun!

Kim said...

If it were me going up on the high ropes, that laugh would be high pitched and hysterical.

Praying for you!

Kim said...

Can I tell you how much I love your blog? Thanks for inspiring us and keeping us laughing at the same time. Also love the family photo!
Will be praying for Camp this week. Cannot wait to hear about all that God has in store!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,
P.S. I have always wanted to attend Camp Kanakuk ... totally fired up about "Nanny's" comment about completing the ropes course at 47 years old ... I have 7 years to make that dream come true!

Deidra said...

Everybody needs a Tracy, right? And dear friends who will unashamedly tell the truth about your hair. But I ask you - really - does anybody truly need a ropes course?

Becca said...

I cant wait to hear about camp! :-)

ps - I was at camp for 6 weeks and never made it on the high-ropes course haha