Thursday, August 6, 2009

She may be a politician in the making.

We went to the pool today with friends in an effort to, once again, escape the heat.

Or in an effort to stop the game of "Zombie Wrestling" in which my kids and their friends put sleeping bags over their heads and wrestled each other to the ground. It was an accident waiting to happen and I was walking around in a constant state of 'flinch'.

Sadie and her playmate, who is leaving tomorrow to head to the beach for a vacation, had played beautifully all day. Come the end of the afternoon, things were starting to go awry. Sadie kept trying to exclude her friend by saying that she "just wanted some alone time with her sister, Olivia".

Since they share a room together, and Sadie ends up in our bed just about every night, I got the feeling she was trying to be more exclusive than really needing to connect on a deep spiritual level with her sister.

She had also called her 'the worst sister ever' about five minutes before.

I corrected Sadie and told her she needed to apologize to her friend for being unkind and hurting her feelings.

This is how it went...

"I'm sorry I hurted your feelings, will you forgive me?"

"I forgive you."

"And I will also go to the beach with you tomorrow if you want to invite me."

Selflessness - we're still workin' on it.


emily said...

Oh how I love that child! I would vote for her every stinking time!!

Holli said...

oh to be a kid!

a couple post back I wanted to say - "do you forgive my jealousy over your meaty, mouth watering hamburgers?
And if you would like to send me one I will keep your number of hits up and keep reading your blog."

Zan said...

She is the best. I just adore that girl. You gotta hand it to her...after all it is the beach!

Henley on the Horn said...

Sadie for President!

Candy said...

Reminds me a bit of her oldest brother who used to ask forgiveness as if it were one long word:
"oliviaimsorrywillyouforgiveme?" sometimes with not a lot of conviction. She may be political, but she's also smart!

Love that girl!

Karin Katherine said...


Jennifer Lewis said...

I love that child! Man, if she 'hurted my feelings' I would forgive her in an instant and ABSOLUTELY (or maybe "abtholutely" is better word?!) take her to the beach with me (though thinking that she'd last about 8 seconds with that fair skin!).