Monday, August 31, 2009

Water-logged but lovin' it.

If I'm perfectly honest, I have a few expectations about the end of summer.

1. The mosquitoes will migrate to whatever place they go when they take a vacation from gnawing on my ankles.

2. The temperature may actually drop back into double digits. I'm a dreamer, I know.

3. Once my kids start school, I will not have to don a swimsuit until the following Spring Break, at least.

I realize expectations are not a good thing. They tend to leave you disappointed and, after last weekend, with a three-hour wedgie. I think the technical term is actually 'aquatic device misalignment'.

Every August, Mercy Street takes its mentors and their mentees to a water park to celebrate the new school year. And apparently to force me to leave my expectations at the door.

It's hands-down the kids' favorite event.

Water slides galore, lunch, and that gorgeous sunshine that stays strong in Dallas until about January when it cools off to 85.

There really is no better way to end the summer than a lazy river with a kid who looks forward to Bahama Beach all year.

High fives, all around.

Tee is our uber-comptetitive child and, after racing me down a slide several times, was incredibly discouraged that he couldn't beat my time. "Son, let me help you understand. It's not a question of skill, but of weight. If you drop a pot-bellied pig and a grasshopper at the same time, the pig's just gonna hit the pavement faster. It's a matter of physics." See, that's an example of how I'm always looking for those teachable moments but am clearly not qualified to home-school.

Here Dion is flashin' his famous grin.

Jamie was just excited because he beat me to the last bag of Hot Cheetos.

A fantastic time was had by all and escaping the heat was great! Especially since our air-conditioner decided to take a vacation last weekend and leave us with a sweltering house. That alone was worth all the effort of the swimsuit readjustment required at the end of each and every slide.


Traci said...

A pot-bellied pig and a grasshopper- great image! Don't you just love waterparks- I really do- wedgies and all. So sorry it's sooo hot there- it was 78 and no humidity today- wonderful. But- we're half way through the first quarter of school now if you can believe that!

happygeek said...

No AC? In Dallas? I cannot even imagine. You have my deepest deepest deepest sympathies.

Sheryl said...

they are blessed to have someone who is willing to take a wedgie for the team!!!

These Three Kings said...

I looooooove the pics!!! You team player you!!
sorry about the heat..gosh!

Henley on the Horn said...

I can't believe he beat you to the last bag of Cheetos!! Love all the pics & your creative story that goes with them. Hope there is no labor in your Labor Day!

Becca said...

haha love the slide weight analogy-thing :-) (ps - I HATE water parks - way too much walking up stairs and wedgies!) but it looks like fun was had by all! :-)

Jen said...

This is my favorite event of the year as well---I love me some water parks! So fun!

Deidra said...

Ha! Swimsuit adjustment...I hear ya! I thinks that why they make those slides...just to watch us readjust.

Kim said...

Just in case you are wondering ... when the migrant mosquitoes leave Dallas they join the rest of their gazillion relatives in Hong Kong.
Love & Blessings,