Sunday, September 20, 2009

The almost vacation.

For a year, Trey and I have been planning to attend a conference together in Scottsdale, AZ.  He was asked to present and I was asked to do, well, nothing but was so excited to sit beside him, alone on an airplane, for the first time in a really, really long time.  It was going to be a short trip.  Two nights, and one was going to be spent with my dad and step-mom who live there. 

I spent weeks figuring out where the kids would go, who would take them to their practices, pick them up, and let them sleep over.  They were excited about getting "two sleepovers in a row" and kept asking 'just how late could they stay up at night'.

The trip was this weekend and we were scheduled to leave bright and early Friday morning.  I was packing the kids when Olivia frantically scratched her head.

"Baby, does your head itch that bad?"

"YES!  It's driving me crazy!  It's been like this all day!"

Calmly, I laid her across my lap and started looking at her scalp to see if I could find the problem.  Within minutes, I had my answer.  She and Tee both had lice.  LICE!

Are you freakin' kidding me?!?!?!

So instead of going to Scottsdale with Trey, I spent the weekend combing nits, lice, and eggs out of my childrens' hair for hours and hours.  And hours.  Our sheets, carpets, and couches have never been cleaner and our house smells like a peppermint stick factory exploded.

For reasons I don't know, I wasn't supposed to see Trey this weekend, or my dad, or hear the "you're free to move about the cabin" call from the flight attendant.  But I know the Lord knows and that this is part of a story he is telling that is bigger and more glorious than I could ever imagine.

Saturday night, I did run over to a wedding at Mercy Street.  It was the most beautiful celebration I had ever seen and the Lord used the words spoken to this couple to feed the river in my heart for my husband.

Pointing to the bride and groom, standing shoulder to shoulder, the pastor said, "This is first. Above all else; adventures, ministry, jobs, friends, this relationship is first because it is Christ." I don't think I'd ever really heard it put quite that way before and it sang to me.

We are to be warriors for one another in whatever ways we are called.  This weekend, my call was to help get our children healthy while his was to share Mercy Street with men and women who wanted to be used by the Lord to reach the poor and marginalized.  His call was also to partake in the Beef Bourguignon my stepmother prepared for our visit but that's not important right now. 

Our calls are different but complimentary and still, sometimes can feel lame, insignificant, and downright oogie.  I do know, though, that walking alongside him in this journey is a gift in itself and in all the craziness, unexpected suprises, dissappointments, and celebrations, if we look very close, we see the Lord's hand prints on it all.


Jess said...

Oh I admire you for your reflection on Christ through such a disappointment. Thank you for sharing. And wow, this "is" Christ. That does change perspective.

May you get to hear, "You are FREE to move about the cabin" very, very soon.

Henley on the Horn said...

Bless your heart. My sinful self may not have been so gracious. You are right, the Lord has a plan better than ours. It's just hard to believe His plan wasn't for you to eat that beef bourgignon!! Maybe the two of you can sneak off for a pure fun weekend sometime soon. I know Trey's parents are amazing helpers... Anyone anyone?

Becca said...

Oh girl I shuddered a little and almost gagged to think about the lice. You are a better woman than I to handle it with so much grace! Haha

Anyways, I hope you have a fantastic week to make up for it. Ps- last weekend in oct?

emily said...

Great perspective among the really hard, crummy, things that come our way. Definitely in the battle with you and praise the Lord the victory is ours!!!

These Three Kings said...

I am sooo darn encouraged by your perspective!!!! PRaise the LORD! So sorry about the lice... Thank you for the reminder of how I am to be content when my husband is away and when HE is home! amaze me woman!! :)

Joyce said...

I'm going to file that piece of wisdom away...I have nearly grown daughters and there will be weddings in my future. I love that and don't think I've ever heard it put exactly that way either.

So sorry for your disappointment...hoping something even better comes along soon.

grammyglasses said...

We missed you, but lucky for you, we do give out rainchecks! Unfortunately, the Julia Childs' Beef Bourgoin recipe won't be a part of the raincheck!
Better you found out about the critters before you left Dallas than once you got here and had to return home on the next flight...


Bill said...

Standing in the Spirit, praying to King Jesus to whom ALL AUTHORITY IN HEAVEN & ON EARTH has been given! Praying for little Sadie now. This crud is cruddy.

Posting as Bill again!


Laura said...

Don't you hate that when parenting gets in the way of just a moment for ourselves? It truly is a dying to self, and it is not easy!