Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A big bunch of not so much goin' on.

Well, once again, I woke up to a completely annoying song on the radio that will now be stuck in my head all day.
I would tell you the song but then it would be stuck in your head all day, too and I just like you too much to do that to you.


See, I almost told you anyway but then I stopped myself. Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit.

What's also annoying is my dog when it rains for four mornings in a row and she can't go for a walk with the mama. The rain made for a very relaxing weekend except for Scout who followed me around with her ball in her mouth.

The weekend was so relaxing, it also apparently left me with nothing to talk about but my dog.

She's not cute, though, especially when she's workin' the whole alien-glow-in-the-dark-eyes thing. In person, it's really not creepy at all until she uses her mind control to make you fry her some chicken. Or let her get up on the furniture and take a nap while she's waiting for me to get off my Blackberry and take her for a stinkin' walk already.

On another note, we have no computer this week. Or phone. No computer or phone makes for a mama who instead talks the ears off of her dog and the ATT Customer Service Representative while the children are at school.

It also leaves me without the ability to respond to all your great comments on my last post so please forgive me.

Forgive me or I'll let Scout come over to your house and MAKE you forgive me. She'll also make you whip her up a nice grilled cheese sandwich and you don't want that, do you?

She's very picky.  And she is not practicing the fruits of the Spirit.


happygeek said...

NO Internet?
The Horror!!!!!!!

Joyce said...

Hard to imagine life before the internet...and it wasn't that long ago. I'd rather have no phone these days than no internet.

Your dog is too cute. Mine makes me crazy lately stalking a groundhog who lives in some rocks in my front yard. My front windowpanes will never be the same!

Traci said...

Wow- it's a throwback to the 80's at your house huh? No internet and no cell phone. You should get out your Coca Cola sweatshirt and your high-top Reeboks, put a scrunchy in your hair, grab a Swatch watch and take that little dog for a walk!

Becca said...

We didnt have internet this week either - who knows how to handle that these days? not me apparently . . .

ps - we are STILL trying to find a good time to come visit y'all! How does the last weekend in Oct look for you?

and pps - your dog's got nothing on my dog :-)

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

Well, I happen to think your dog is adorable, just for the record.

Zan said...

Nice try. I know the song and yes, now it is stuck in my head. Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

Stop at the grocery store on your way home...honeycrisp apples have finally arrived. God is good!

Cole said...

I am horrified by the lack of internet accessability this week! :-)

Oh, and I happen to think you've got one cute dog!