Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brace Face. Times two.

When I was in fourth grade at Brill Elementary, Go Broncos!, my parents decided it was high time I had some proper dental alignment.

My teeth, they were not pretty. Extreme measures were taken. Headgear was worn. Retainers maintained.

And all was right with my teeth, until Christmas break, 1991. It was my sophomore year in college and time, I believed, to have my permanent retainer removed. I guess I thought this because I was an orthodonist?

Um, no. But somehow I persuaded my orthodontist to take it out. I begged and pleaded and possibly argued. I mean, after nine years, my teeth certainly weren't going to move, right?


About an hour after I'd left his office and hit the road back to glorious College Station, my bottom teeth moved just enough to be slightly crooked...or hideously jacked up, depending on whether you're asking an untrained layman or the orthodontist who happens to be my brother-in-law.

Last summer, after years of having to look at my crooked bottom teeth, Moody sat me down in the "Rainbow Room" at his office and slapped braces on me quicker than I could whine, "but how am I supposed to eat Milk Duds, now!?!"

He may have called me a lightweight under his breath, I'm not sure.

Anyway, last week, Uncle Moody so sweetly put braces on Tee and Olivia.

This was the before picture.

The kids didn't go to school that day and could have slept in a little but they were up at the crack of dawn with their Dr.s Alexander T-shirts on ready to go.

It was like Christmas in August.

Well, almost.

Moody is treating them in phases and I'm convinced it's partially because, if we waited much longer, my kids would have never let me take pictures like these.

If there's a Walt Disney of Orthodontia, Dr. Moody is it.

They were having so much fun, I kept waiting for animals and fairies to come out dancing and singing.

Olivia was just hoping Cody Linley might come in dancing and singing. He's also a patient of Dr. Moody which scores way-big points for him in the uncle department.

I think she's simply appreciative of his proper occlusion.

That one was for you Uncle Moody.

And yes, I'm still wearing my retainer.

Yes, every night.


Bill said...

Great pics and great shout-out to Moody!!
I was treated in the adult patient room as one can even have teeth move well into their 50's!

Moody is the BEST!!

The kids look awesome and are proud of their braces.
Hope it lasts throughout the treatment. Me, I didn't like the tightening routine.


Traci said...

Oh fun! We're about to start round 2 with the boy and round 1 with the girl. Funny that you said "jacked up" because my little one refers to EVERYTHING as being "jacked up."

Amanda in Durham NC said...

Pretty sure our kids'll be right behind yours in the braces department. I married my hubby thinking that he had the most gorgeous smile...little did I know that smile was FAKE and MISLEADING. ;-)

This might be a dumb question, but is Tee short for anything?

Caroline said...

The kids looked great with their new braces! And yes, don't think Olivia would let you take her pic like that for much longer!

Seriously, I love your blog. Loved it when I was in Dallas. Love it even more when I away. Although, I keep getting weird looks from folks who when I laugh out loud from behind my computer screen! :)

jnors said...

As a fellow graduate of the Drs. Alexander, I feel your pain. I had my retainer removed too early, too...or maybe quit wearing it, but whatever. Therefore, I had round 2 of orthodontia when I taught at Strack. So how's that for a circle of small world-dom?
Not as interesting on my own dime, either!

Holli said...

Braces aren't suppose to be that CUTE!!!
I wore my retainer every night till my dog ate it! :) Honest even on my honeymoon!
I am a NERD!

emily said...

Oh, you have NO idea how happy this post will Dr. Moody. They are IDEAL patients. :) They look great.

Joyce said...

Oh I still periodically give my 21 year old daughter the, 'You have $10,000 worth of orthodontia invested in your mouth-you better not even think about removing that retainer until you complete 10 years of dental schooling or the real orthodontist says its okay!!!

And yes, there are alot of exclaimation points when I say it!!!

Lauren said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who still wears my retainer! I did the whole spectrum when I was little, headgear, spacers, braces twice, etc. Never did the permanent retainer but I'm considering going back in for one - My jaw is definitely out of whack (thanks for nothing, headgear) and my fiance doesn't think he'll appreciate the 10 year old retainers I wear now after we're married...

Hopefully the happiness on your kids' faces about braces won't fade at tightening-time!

Jill said...

Well, thanks for setting me straight, for I going to ask the dentist in Oct. to remove my permanent retainer. WHY? No reason, just should I really wear it to the coffin? And Cody for a patient? Well, I am personal friends with his childhood babysitter...what a small world. Cute kids.

dawn said...

Oh to have an orthodontist for a brother in law!


Cole said...

They look adorable with braces!

Katie said...

aww, yay! ...my family spent many hours in the Rainbow Room...we loved it. Cody Lindley, that's so cool! Cute post! =)

katie thornton

Susan said...

I did the exact same thing...begged Dr. Stutts to take out my permanent bottom retainer just before I got married. I think I could actually hear my teeth move! Dr. Moody straightened me out while pregnant with #3...wasn't feeling particularly cute already so why not seal the deal and add braces! Straight teeth! Love you Dr. Moody. I wouldn't dream of taking my new retainer out...it'll die with me!...and I'll still have straight teeth!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Great documentation, Mom!

Becca said...

They for sure wouldn't have let you take those pictures if they were older! :-) They look great by the way!

Jess said...

He is really is the BEST. I miss the office so much! I totally miss seeing you there and all of your Neiman Marcus handbags. :0)

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

Hahahaha...This story cracked me up. I wear Invisaligns now though I'm in my late 20's. It's great because most people can't tell, but I'll need a permanent retainer because I'm far too lazy to do this in and out thing all the time. :)