Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to win friends and influence people. In Kindergarten.

Day 2.

Ok, I promise I'm not going to give you the blow by blow of Sadie's exploits in Kindergarten. By day 154, I should have exhausted my desire to remember every detail as explained to me by my spunky five year old.

Or her teacher. We're going to call her Mrs. Barth - because that's her name. I love it because Sadie still can't say her S's so it hides her lisp perfectly.

Anyone know a good speech therapist?

After her first official afternoon as a Kindergartner, I got an email...

Dear Mrs. Hill

I just want you to know that on this first day of school I have saved you from a giant flying cockroach :-) We had one in class today and after it flew through the air, landed on a student and chaos ensued -- I heard a sweet happy voice exclaim "Oh it's a cockroach !! Can I have it?? My mom is so afraid of cockroaches! Can I take it home and scare her?? " Love that Sadie girl!! I cant wait until next Tuesday!!


Mrs. Barth

I'm sorry, she must have gotten my daughter confused with a slightly sadistic five year old who would get her kicks from scaring the bejeebies out of her momma.

Not my baby.

Today, I got this email...

Hey Melissa!

Did Sadie tell you she was a little sad at school today? After listening to Chopin’s “Raindrop Prelude” (its a little melancholy) she was so sad that she wanted her mama and couldn’t draw a picture.

Now that's more like the angel I know and love.

She recovered well for the puppet center and Math but was definitely ready to come home. She is so sweet and is doing well in class! You know it takes a while to build up some stamina for those long days. Just so you know.

Oh yeah – when I told the class that Senora Adams would be coming to teach Spanish today Sadie said she already knew some Spanish but they were bad words – I asked her not to say them. :)


It explains why my fourth could be the child I would have never let my first born play with.

For the record, the "bad word" she knows is 'callete'. It means shut-up in Spanish. She learned it from Tee who undoubtedly learned it from some fourth child.

And that, my friends, is the circle. The circle of potty-language.


jnors said...

I teach Spanish to 4's and pre-K in a private preschool setting. I'm quite certain that many of my students know mucho mas de mi, but they are usually sweet about correcting my Tex-Mex.
My favorite story is about my student from Peru. A banana is a banana in Mexico, apparently, but a platano in Peru. So whenever I said, "banana" he said, "platano" under his breath. He also said, "Miss Julie, maybe you should stick to English." But under his breath, I bet he was saying, "callete."

Virtual Teacher Collaboration said...

Hah! A parent for only a month and I get to share my WEALTH of knowledge! I feel so....vindicated. : )

No really, Precious has a slight lisp on s as well, so I asked a speech pathologist at work about it. She suggested I remind Precious not to "thrust" her tongue forward when making the s sound.

It seems the tip of the tongue should be behind your front teeth somewhere not thrust between the front teeth as Precious is wont to do.

Now...come on over and give me some advice. I may teach in the hood, but I've only been a momma for about 30 days. Pretty please!

Virtual Teacher Collaboration said...

oops...you need my blog address...


Caroline said...

If Sadie's kindergarten adventures every day are as great as day 1 and 2, please keep them coming! Seriously, they are bringing me so much joy up here!

happygeek said...

I love that her teacher is e-mailing you stories.

Becca said...

She has a nice teacher to email you every day about it :-)

she cracks me up - I love your pictures to go along with it!

Deidra said...

I love Mrs. Barth already! Don't you?

emily said...

Love Sa. You need to keep sharing the emails as they come in- good material. :)

Joyce said...

I hopped over from Second Cup of Coffee...I love reading here!

I loved the K teacher emails...I taught Kindergarten for several years. A teacher always knows who has teenage siblings : )

I actually began my career life as a speech therapist way back when..s is one of the later sounds...is the tongue coming out between the front teeth or is it slurry like it's coming out the sides? How's that for professional speak? Frontal lisps are common in Kindergartners and easier to correct than lateral lisps...she can be screened by her local public school even if she is attending private school.

I will look forward to the random meme...I love your writing. Enjoy your day!

Holli said...

LOVE IT!!! Sadie can come play with my kids anytime! :)

Alicia said...

A few weeks ago, a friend was over with her 2 year old daughter. One and only child....by the time she left my home filled with 3 boys...I figured she will never come back. Her daughter learned a little too much that day!!

Amanda Jo said...

Oh this CRACKED ME UP!!! Your children sound adorable!!

Zan said...

WHY? WHY? WHY? do I not teach Kindergarten?

Jen said...

awesome! I loved reading this entry! what a great first post to read on your blog! :)

hannahgarippa said...


I want her to still be in your closet. Sweet baby.