Thursday, September 3, 2009

She'll also tell me when I have food in my teeth.

The other day, I wrote about our trip to the water park with the kids from Mercy Street.

And my wedgie. Transparency is almost my middle name. Except for the fact that I'm not going to tell you my middle name because what's a relationship without a little mystery.

I also mentioned that Tee was all down in the mouth because he couldn't beat me down one of the slides and how I explained to him why it was impossible.


"Son, let me help you understand. It's not a question of skill, but of weight. If you drop a pot-bellied pig and a grasshopper at the same time, the pig's just gonna hit the pavement faster. It's a matter of physics."

And, last night, my friend Madelyn, who is both funny and smart, called after reading this post - apparently also a believer in seizing the teachable moment...

"Um, yeah, read your post about the water park. Now, you know the pot-bellied pig and the grasshopper would fall at the same rate because blah, blah, blah physics. They would make impact with different force but their rate of fall would be the same. Why Tee wouldn't be able to beat you is on account of you having greater body surface and friction. Fool."

She didn't really call me a fool, I added that for effect. She may have said "Bless your heart" though, I'm not sure.

She was laughing the whole time and I'm pretty sure also making a note to herself: When Covenant is raising money for it's scholarship fund, that post might be a handy tool.

With a tag line, of course - "For the love of education, PLEASE give generously so that the Hill children don't have to be homeschooled by their momma."

Anything I can do to help.


Deidra said...

Nothing like an honest friend, huh?

Traci said...

Well, it's my personal belief that if you don't understand the laws of Physics, God doesn't necessarily hold you to them- so you're good- a pot-bellied pig will always fall faster than a grasshopper in my book no matter what Newton says.

Becca said...

haha she must be a real friend then right? :-)

Holli said...

I praise the LORD for good public education everyday.
this mama can't spell, add, subtract and all that jazz. I could teach them to be social but if we were at home well it just wouldn't work!
Three cheers for teachers and friends that remind us we are well fat and dumb!;)

Jill said...

I can only laugh at the idea of us living close enough to share these stories in person. I have thought over the past weeks of school starting what home schooling would look like in your house. What fun it would be. But those uniforms are cute enough to send them off every day. And please tell me that Sadie has adjusted and is not missing her momma so much.

pendy said...

body surface? friction? sounds like physics to me!!! :) (don't ask what my grade was in physics...wait...i took chemistry instead)

Henley on the Horn said...

I love it! You are hilarious

Becca said...

ps - did you get my email?

These Three Kings said...

the bible does say..faithful are the wounds of a friend..hahahhaha!!

gosh you crack me up! see you next month!!!! YAY!!!

allthingsjuice said...

You crack me up. I have friends like this. Heck, actually I AM a friend like that. Bless my heart.