Saturday, October 17, 2009

Same Cloth.

Tee has been saving his allowance for quite some time now and has saved up a nice little pile-o-cash.  He and Trey went to Game Stop the other day and Trey bought a new Wii game with the assurance that Tee would pay him back.

When they got home, the game didn't work.  They promptly took the game back and exchanged it for another, still, nothing.  All our other games worked fine so we knew it had to be something with these discs.  Or is it disks?  Who cares.

The witching hour had begun and Trey could not make yet another trip to Game Stop that night so Tee went to bed without a game but not without his thinking cap.

The next morning he happily announced that, upon the return of this game, he would have almost $100.  Skeptical, I asked him to explain.  "Well, we'll return the game and when they give me the money back, I'll add it to what I have and it will equal almost $100!"

"But, Tee, aren't you supposed to pay Daddy for the game?"

"Yeah, but we're returning it, so I don't have to pay him.  OOOHH, Baby, 100 George Washington's!  "

"Um, Tee, when you return the game, YOU won't get the money, sweetheart, DADDY will get the money."

"Oh.  That stinks."

Trey and I laughed and laughed at his errant math and joked about from who's gene pool that came from.

This afternoon, our question was answered.

While Trey was watching what I thought was the longest Texas/OU matchup in the history of football but was really just the second game in the College Football Marathon that has become our Saturday, I was catching up on a little laundry.  That is an understatement thereby proving that I don't embellish everything.

Someone may have overloaded the washer and suddenly there was a funny burning smell coming from the laundry room.  For sure, our beloved washer was no more.  It wouldn't spin or drain or make the familiar 'whoosh whoosh' sound that keeps our house clean and smelling fresh.  I paused for a quick moment of silence and then jumped on the computer to see what kind of washer paradise I could find at Sears.

It was paradise indeed but just as I was grabbing my keys and handbag, cause I felt a little like my mom and that's what she would have called it, and running out the door to Sears to get the pick of the litter, Trey got our washer to work.

"DARNIT!!  I mean, great job, Honey!  Whew!  What a RELIEF!"

Minutes later, sitting on the couch watching Tech beat the tar out of Nebraska, I had a thought.  "Sweetie, it sure is great that we didn't have to spend all that money on a new washer today, isn't it?"

"Yeah, baby, PICKED OFF!!!!!!!  THAT HURTS!!"  'Cause he was still into the game and all.

Banking on him being distracted, I made my move.  "So, anyway, since we didn't have to spend that money today, it's almost like we made a little so I think I might go out and get me some new boots, o.k.?"

With the clicker that has become an appendage, he paused the game, looked at me, then at Tee, and then pointed to both of us and, with two words, drew his final conclusion regarding which gene pool Tee got his math skills.

"Same cloth."


Happy Saturday!  From the girl without new boots.



Anonymous said...

I so would have asked my hubs for new boots too :)

-Rachelle PW

Henley on the Horn said...

Sorry about the boots! Happy Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Can't blame a girl for trying! ;)


Karin Katherine said...

I agree, you cannot blame a girl for trying. Next time work on your timing a bit...oh and mumbling. That works every time over here!

Deidra said...

I'd be sorry for you about the boots, but I'm from Nebraska. ;)

jnors said...

Sounds a bit like Aggie math to me b/c I completely understand and have attempted to use that logic many times, myself. To no avail, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Did you actually have to say "watching tech beat the tar out of Nebraska"

It is a sensitive thing here still.


Candy said...

Sure makes sense to me. Maybe Tee has some Hill genes from the maternal side, anyway.



Casey said...

I haven't commented before, but have been reading your blog for some time now. I just wanted to tell you how inspiring it is to see what you and your family are doing in Dallas- and thank you for letting the rest of us come along for the ride.

And I wouldn't give up on the boots yet- it's all about persistance! :)