Wednesday, November 25, 2009

For the love of food.

Thanksgiving is hands-down my favorite holiday. 

Second only to Easter.

Easter is hands-down my favorite holiday but it's November, and talking about Easter when the leaves are falling and the air is crisp with the smell of Autum would be, well, ridiculous.

Actually, we're in Dallas so the weather now may or may not be the weather we'll be having come Spring, and, since there are still mosquitos trying to consume my children in small bites, it may not be such a stretch.

Anyway, we're talking about Thanksgiving - the greatest holiday ever because it revolves around food.  Lots and lots of delightful food. Food and football.

Food + Football = Wonderment

There aren't presents to buy, one million parties to line babysitters up for, finals, fireworks, or the guilt trip associated with forgetting to buy your spouse a romantic pink and red card covered with hearts and stuff.  I don't know that last part first-hand, I've just heard rumors.  From my husband.


We're getting ready over here at the Hill house and are camping out inside for the day.  I've got myself a lot of cooking to do since, over time,  I have slowly been entrusted to some of the Hill family recipes.  It's taken 15 years but I've finally been given something besides the pies.

Something VERY important.

This year, I'll be making the Sweet Potatoes (please don't let me ruin them, please don't let me ruin them).

The sweet potatoes are a VERY integral part of our Thanksgiving menu.  Were we to rank them, they'd be almost as important as the broccoli rice, on par with the stuffing, and exponentially more important than the rolls which I'm also in charge of.

Oh, the pressure.

And so begin my annual jokes that I'm making the recipe with Splenda and it will be, for the first time, gluten-free.

Of course I kid because actually altering the recipe at all would easily cause an insurrection in the Hill house the likes of which hasn't been seen since the great 2006 Thanksgiving Day game upset of the #10 ranked University of Texas by the unranked Texas A&M. 


I had to sleep outside that night.

Truth be told, the Hill family love of food is one of my favorite things about being part of this crew.  I grew up with a dad who was constantly in the kitchen trying out recipes on us, making vats of Spaghetti sauce from scratch, and feeding us grilled chicken covered with crazy-spicy African peppers and loving food in general. 

It doesn't get much better than sharing a wonderful meal with people you love and eating until you want to die.

Or vomit. 

Darius just came in and said that's his goal for tomorrow.  "MaMelissa, I'm gonna eat tomorrow until I want to throw up.  Can I wear basketball shorts because, you know, they're stretchy."

Yes, Darius, you can. 

Welcome to the family.

Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving from our table to yours.



Traci said...

LOVE this! How flattering that you've graduated from pies to sweet potatoes- I'm still on cheesecake and the relish dish (aka dill pickles on a plate). Happy Thanksgiving! And tell Darius that if it weren't going to be frigid here- I'd be right there with him on the basketball shorts!

Deidra said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Your sweet potatoes will be fine! Enjoy your family and have fun!

Becca said...

I wish I was there to eat with you! Our Thanksgiving joke revolves around making fun of Adam because two years ago he ate so much that he threw up and then ate dessert.

Tell Darius he should wear some maternity pants like Joey on Friends :-)

and by the way, we went and saw Blind Side last night (LOVED IT!!) and I could have sworn she is just like you. Seriously, Adam and I kept saying "we love her" and "she's just like Melissa" :-)

Holli said...


Joyce said...

Thank goodness for stretchy pants! I should probably wear my tightest jeans in order to insure some restraint but I'm sure I'll be in the yoga pants at some point.

I've been cooking all day and will do the same tomorrow. I'm with you...I love a crowd at Thanksgiving and this is my favorite holiday. Enjoy yours!

Alicia said...


And WHOOP!!!

Kim said...

Happy Thanksgiving.
From a family who honors heirloom recipes, I think you are mighty brave to be messin with a Thanksgiving essential like sweet potatoes. I'm just sayin.
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Candy said...

Hey Melissa!

Awesome sweet potatoes, girlfriend! And rolls, and pies, and broccoli rice. Just had me a bowl of make-ahead mashed potatoes and broccoli rice. May be the last leftovers I can do!

And to Olivia: "Best Pie" for her amazing coconut cream.

New Thanksgiving home for th Hill/Alexander/Feste
families: Mercy Street!! Perfect.



Best Life said...

I'd like to comment, but I'm still full from our Thanksgiving meal and it's two days later. I made the whole stinkin' thing...the blessing of which are that we only have what I like. LOL!

Now on to Christmas. Gulp. Lisa~

allthingsjuice said...

I love Thanksgiving for those very same reasons. Amen and amen.

my blog said...

Wonderful! I love reading stories like this, you must have been so proud. Hope you're all doing well now!