Wednesday, December 2, 2009

If there's a point, I don't know it yet.

Oh my stinkin' goodness it's been a while since I posted!  It seems like just yesterday it was Thanksgiving and we were cooking and eating and watching the kids pelt each other in our first annual Thanksgiving Dodgeball Tournament.

Ok, it wasn't really a tournament because it can't be official unless all the children know the  5 "D"s of dodgeball.: dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge.  With some good, faithful instruction, we're hopeful we'll have them down pat by next year.

And thereby eliminating 95% of the tears which can put a damper in Thanksgiving festivities.

I spent the rest of our holiday week trying to locate my husband.  Contrary to his personality 364 days of the year, he loves him some Black Friday shopping and annually starts in the wee hours of the morning.  He doesn't necessarily buy anything, he just likes to go see who's out and what they're buying.  Then, he comes home at about 11 a.m., jacked up on Starbucks, and gives a 20 minute evaluation of the state of the economy based on how fast the door busters dissappeared. 

Happens the same way every year.

Our family is nothing if we're not into rediculous traditions.

On top of a shameful amount of turkey, we also consumed more Mexican food than should be allowed in a seven day period and then wrapped up our week with a family trip to the movies to see the Blind Side.  Dea and Darius are pretty fun to take to the movies, except they like make commentary throughout and Sadie kept shushing them.  Then, Graham spent the rest of the day asking why Daddy and I didn't kiss like Mr. and Mrs. Touey did in the movie. 

We did.  Four times.  See where that got me?

Today, we're setting up for Mercy Street's First Annual Luncheon which is scheduled for tomorrow.

It's snowing which is beautiful but we're praying stops and clears off since Snowflakes + Dallas usually equals a uniform shut-down of the city save the very carefull drive to the store to stock up on canned goods, generators, flashlights, and bottled water.

What we could really use is some sunshine and warmer temps. so people will come out in droves to hear me sing the Welcome. 

A cappella.

Or not.  Trey has promised to let me play with the microphone as much as I want after everyone leaves tomorrow afternoon.  Before then, it's off limits.

He said it's something about, "knowing your audience".



Jess said...

Heard it snowed in Dallas this morning! How was that! To my surprise the news showed cars actually on the road!

What did Dea and Darius think of "The Blind Side?" I haven't seen the movie yet but I am curious of what your thoughts are about what it was like to watch it with them. I'm just always thinking about adoption and cross cultural stuff like that and how it effects kids.

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

Henley on the Horn said...

When is the movie about you coming out & to whom did you sell the rights? I haven't seen the Blind Side yet, and I know it's wonderful, but the Tueys have NOTHING on Hood Mama. I'm just sayin'. Good luck w/ sneaking on the microphone

Zan said...

Promise to come dressed as an Israelite. That will bring them out.

Traci said...

Glad you're back and a Thanksgiving dodgeball game is pure genius- we may steal that one from you for next year! Maybe if we play dodgeball we can convince Daniel not to wear the Michael Vick jersey. Maybe...

happygeek said...

Oooh, Dallas and snow.
At least it was fun for a Canadian watching y'all frolic in the stuff.
Trust it all melts before your luncheon today!

Bill said...

You failed to mention that the dodgeball game was INSIDE at Mercy Street! First annual Thanksgiving at Mercy Street! Some adults even participated.

God, give us favor today, and may Your name be exalted in this luncheon, your glory extended!


Becca said...

Praying for the luncheon my friend!

emily said...

Dodgeball was a hoot!

Prayed the luncheon went well- look forward to hearing about it.

Carly said...

WHY am I up at 12:50am reading your blog? Could I just come live with you and experience it first hand. LOL - not really, I'm actually serious. It could be like "hazing" for the real move to my part of the hood- south Dallas. You know I need some prep for that big day... My lease is up in March, let me know...

These Three Kings said...

welcome back! WE missed you, wit ya crazy self :) I looove dodge ball!