Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I had every intention of writing all about our upcoming weekend last Thursday morning.  Trey was out of town, the kids would be all at school, and I would have the entire morning to be alone in my house catching up on everything that hadn't gotten done the week before because of the stomach virus that had taken over our home.

I had big plans, people.  Big plans.

Insert record snowfall and school cancellations across the city.

All except Dallas Independent Public Schools.

Poor Darius.  Pinkston was wide open, ready for instruction on Thursday as the snow came down in buckets for a straight 24 hours.

Some early riser had already made this before school started at 8:00am.

While taking this photo, I realized I have officially become that mom who embarrasses her children by getting out to take pictures during morning drop-off wearing her bathrobe, wooly socks, house shoes, and holding her coffee in one hand. 

I've never seen Darius run so fast.  I'm thinking of wearing this to his next basketball game to see if he can make some better time up and down the court.

The kids played all day while I covered and recovered the floors with fresh towels.  Despite the infrequency of huge snowfalls in Dallas, my children are experts at getting all their shoes and clothes soaking wet and covered with snow and then tracking in and out of the house hour after hour.

Scout was over the moon.  She stayed out with the kids all day long romping through the snow and they kept yelling at her for making yellow patches. 

Snow forts and snowmen covered our lawn.

The boys used my kitchen knives to carve their creations.  I'm sure I'll be finding those scattered throughout the yard well into Spring.

Thankfully, Graham's friend Hogan was constantly licking the snow off the knives so, you know, they'll be nice and clean.

This snow Southern Belle was built by a friend of mine's children who decided to give her a little glam.  If anything, Dallasites are consistant.

We missed two days of school, half the city lost power, and the kids played in the snow to their hearts content.  I made endless cups of hot chocolate, refereed snowball fights, and tried unsuccessfully to vidoetape the first ever Mercy Street Snow Football Game.

In spite of the crazy weather, Saturday, Mercy Street's annual Valentines mentor and mentee event went on as planned.  Speakers talked of purity, choices, and gave moving testimony after testimony of the rescue and redemption of the Lord.

I didn't actually hear the speakers because I was busy sampling and serving the food.

We all have our gifts, right?

Finally, Graham celebrated his 8th birthday with bowling and a slumber party.  I was tired after the first 30 minutes but, thankfully, Trey was back and rested and ready to take on the boys.

This was officially the ugliest birthday cake ever created but it tasted divine and, at this point, that's all we cared about.

And, in wrapping up, a word of advice...

When you've had an incredibly fun-filled, child-centered, surprise pre-Spring Break break, and you're wanting the seven young boys spending the night at your house to settle down on the last night of aforementioned break, and you think popping a movie would be a great idea, do not choose Michael Jackson's "This Is It."  They will spend the entire 93 minutes of the movie dancing, singing, and trying desperately to perfect their moon-walk.

Much like I did when I was their age.

Close to their age.

Their age plus five years.

Darn you, Honesty.


Becca said...

Oh my heavens that sounds fun - I wish I had been there with you. Particularly if you went to Darius' game dressed like that. I just love you.

ps - our friends are moving to Waco this summer . . . . so we'll be making trips to visit them and y'all -- try to contain your excitement :-)

Henley on the Horn said...

I've miss your posts like crazy. Whew. You've made me tired again! Maybe this week will be different and you'll have some time to yourself! I'm hoping!

Traci said...

I would give my left arm for some cake right now- I might even consider driving to Dallas in the snow for it.

Sue said...

I think Someone shook up this snowglobe we live in called Earth because up here in Canada (Toronto)... we've had a grand total of maybe 3" of snow ALL WINTER. Seems like the South has all our snow this winter! Hope you enjoyed it ;-) You can keep it- ha ha

and 2 became 5 said...

and just so you know - i reguarly run around town in my pajamas. i see no harm sister.

kate said...

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