Thursday, February 25, 2010

A man on a mission.

So my dad came to visit this week. As a matter of fact, he's on a plane right now back to the home from whence he came.

Excuse me for that. Our school is doing the play, "Pride and Prejudice" this weekend and, after overhearing the two lead characters rehearsing yesterday (and being able to finish their lines for them), I just want to talk like Elizabeth Bennett.

Not necessarily wear her clothes, because, you know, corsets and all, but talk like her.

I think it would go over well in my present location of residence.


Anyway, my dad was here and, since it did snow on Tuesday - ten flakes to be exact - I'm sure he's defrosting on the plane with coffee and a hot water bottle. Living in a state where summer temps can reach 120 degrees hasn't exactly thickened his blood.

We had a great visit and the kids loved seeing him.

His visits are also a time where things get taken care of, fixed, assessed. Just like when I was little except when I write the word assessed, I don't giggle because there's a bad word in the beginning.

Through some sort of cosmic misappropriation of gifts, I did not inherit the gift of technology. I don't understand it, I underuse it, and, when it breaks, I don't know how to fix it. Example, our internet/phone service. It's been spotty at best for the past four months. We've called, cajoled, wrangled the phone company to no avail. Finally, I decided that the root cause of the problem was simply that AT&T hates me.

When my dad got here and my internet was once again down, he was on it like ugly on yo' momma. Oops. Sorry about that. Let me try again. He, with fortitude, purposed to avail me of my internet woes.

That one was for you, Mr. Darcy.

He also decided my phone needed to be updated so I could use the voice memo feature. I think I made him nervous driving and writing blog posts at the same time.


Anyway, with very little help from AT&T the technology in my home is on the road to restoration. It's good because where else would we be if my kids couldn't download an application that makes their voices sound like mice or Darth Vader?

Not anywhere. Nowhere.

My dad, in his gadgety-nerdiness, (sorry, Dad, it's true.) also decided I needed a Gmail account and Roomba. You know, the vacuum robot that cleans for you? I think it's how he compensates for my dirty car. If he can get my house humming, maybe I'll find time to vacuum out the goldfish that are crushed in the back seats of the Suburban.

Somehow, I am his child. I'm just not sure which genes he passed down.


Traci said...

Oh did you get a roomba? Please let me know how that works- I mean, I never vacuum because Coach does all that, but he might like it as a father's day gift or something.

Heather said...

I agree with your Dad, you definitely NEEDED a Gmail acct. I LOVE mine. The grouping of all related messages is the bomb. Do the kids still say that?? I'm guessing not. :) Anyhow, I love that it groups msgs together, and I love that you can search your msgs. :)

pendy said...

Gmail = a must

Roomba...please do a post on that!

Laura said...

Seems like he passed on the ability to speak another language. Except where he speaks tech, you speak Austen :)

hickandlo said...

Duh, he must be funny.

Henley on the Horn said...

I Love it! My father is not into technology at all. I love that your Dad is! I still have my same old aol account. I mean, why change?

Maxine said...

OK, Melissa, I just had to jump in! 1. You have definitely NOT, I repeat NOT, gotten your driving skills from him - he only searches for phone numbers or looks at his emails on his phone while driving.
2. He has convinced everyone he knows that the Roomba is the ONLY way to go! We not only have the vacuum one, we have the one that 'washes' the tile floors. We also have a tile cleaner washer/vacuum 'thinggie'
(that's a technical term) that sits proudly in the garage for when the washer Roomba doesn't get the most minute speck of dirt up, he can go over it with the heavy duty equipment.
If the job needs heavy equipment he doesn't call Chris and ask to borrow because as you know Chris has every piece of equipment known to most men, he goes out and buys it. Not sure what equipment it will take to fix the bathroom door that doesn't close properly since we laid all the tile, but if there's one, I'm sure he'll be off to Home Depot with his trusty sidekick Bailey!

He had a great time and loved seeing the kids. Can't for them to come here again.

Hugs to all,

Becca said...

haha our car is full of crushed goldfish as well. A few weeks ago the kiddos said "your car's getting junky" -- I mean, you know it's bad when kids who live in the 'hood think your car's junky.

ps - Gmail is amazing - let's gchat :-) which is totally innocuous and sounds much more sketchy than it really is

pps - Adam got a roomba a while ago because vacuuming is "his" job. What a lame-o. Now if we could just find some sort of robot to do our laundry, we'd be good to go.

Process Mapping Blog said...

Dearest Daughter,
The Valley of the Sun has welcomed me back into her warm arms…snuggle, snuggle…

The Pope kisses the tarmac when he arrives in a country and I kissed the terminal floor when I got off the plane in Phoenix. I was so relieved the plane made it without any important parts falling off (engines, wings, doors).

We were allowed to use the FIRST class restroom since the two in the back were broken. This must have been the same plane I flew to Dallas on Tuesday. The flight attendant asked the lady in the seat behind me to please “hold” my seatback in the upright position during takeoff and landing. My complimentary beverage balanced on the broken tray table. I also think the front end of the plane was out of alignment also. Thank goodness this airline has competent pilots that can land a plane on/in the Hudson River.

Now your blog…you are right on the money honey. Find me a loose nut and I will go crazy. If I could have taken my screw driver and pliers on the flight all of the seats and tray tables would have been in shape…the lavoratories are a few levels above my pay level.

The Roomba cleaners are amazing. If they were looking for someone to validate and test their iRobot Roomba® 562 Pet Series they need to enlist your help. Just keep the snakes off the floor; the gerbils, bearded dragon, and “Scout” the dog can hold their own against the round rolling wonder of American ingenuity. This was a flagrant hint to iRobot. They also could do a wonderful job running US Airways and AT&T.

Deidra said...

Your dad sounds WONDERFUL! I'd love to hear his version of his visit with you!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! How proud your Daddy must be!