Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Please make it stop...

Have you ever stopped to wonder how many germs are actually killed with one bottle of Clorox?  Or if your skin will actually fall off your bones if you use it too much?

I have.

Tee has been feigning illness for the better part of his educational existance with the, "My head hurts.", or the "My stomach hurts.", or the "I don't feel good, Momma (insert giant doe eyes)." only to come home early from school and somehow have a miraculous recovery.

He's lucky he's a good speller.

Trey and I finally made the call that, unless there was hard evidence such as vomiting and fever, the children were going to, and staying at, school.

Be careful what you wish for.

Like ghost-white little dominoes, they've all fallen.  Graham on Sunday night, Sadie on Tuesday morning - in class mind you, not quite making it to the restroom - and Tee Tuesday night.  I've still got to figure out some sort of apology gift for her teacher.  I don't think Hallmark makes a card that properly communicates the sorrow I feel for my child vomiting in her classroom before Opening Chapel had even begun.

They might need to get on that.

Clorox and my washing machine have never been closer.  We're like old friends who share thoughts and feelings.  Actually, I'm the only one sharing thoughts and feelings because, you know, they're inanimate. 

It's noon and I'm still in my bathrobe, on my second cup of coffee.  I've barely left the house all week.  I hear it's cold and people actually shower and wear make-up.

Jakeem and Levon, two little rascals from the neighborhood, have stopped by every afternoon to play but, to their obvious irritation, we keep turning them away...Jakeem...Jakeem...hmmm...that reminds me...

Jakeem came over about a week ago to play.  He was here about four minutes before he asked for a snack and told me he felt sick in the same sentence.  Moments later, he was vomiting in my bathroom.

Thanks buddy.  You're a real giver.  So is Hannah who's blog I stole this from.

Ok, Tee just woke up.  Let me go make sure he still knows where the trash can or the commode is. 

Jealous, yet?

Yeah, I thought not.


Traci said...

Yuck. Have you gotten it yet? Sometimes a good stomach virus will jump-start a weight-loss program for me. Always a silver lining. Always.

Candy said...

Oh my stars! Somehow reading it is worse than hearing about it over the phone.

Does the "my grace is sufficient" cover this?

Surely you're earning stars in your crown!

I love you.


The Rowlands said...

Sweet Melissa,
I am soooo sorry!! that is the WORST!! I hope everyone else stays clear of the bug and all is better by tomorrow. As i type, Jack is starting in with something bad...I am getting nervous!

Laura said...

Sad!! Hopefully this passes quickly! Try to keep yourself healthy :-/

Becca said...

oh that's so miserable!!! I'm so sorry my friend . . . I'm just glad it's you and not me :-)

Henley on the Horn said...

Oh, sweet Jakeem. Hopefully he won't be so thoughtful the next time he comes over to play! So sorry. I have been there. Though my vomit story happened in the car. For 11 HOURS. ON the way to my father-in-law's funeral. It was so much fun that I lived to tell about it.

The Rowlands said...


It has arrived at my house....

Oh the sounds and smells...I am getting armed with clorox and Lysol...

HOpe everyone is on the mend at your house!

Coneymama said...

Been there Melissa and doing it now...started with the husband on Saturday night, followed by the 13-year-old and now my baby, okay he's ten but, still my baby and he has it worse then the others. I had no idea a little human could actually throw up so much...or have all those other issues simultaneously that we just won't mention...good times, good times with the Coney house. Hope you guys are on the mend soon and praying that neither of these mamas fall prey to the nasty little virus!

Jess said...

My husband works for Hallmark and works in social media and marketing. Since you made this comment on your blog, I'll pass along the information. Next year, I'll be there will be a card. ;)

Karin Katherine said...

I can honestly say that after four children I've never had to clean up vomit. Not that they haven't vomited but there has always been some poor soul I could pawn that job off on.

That is my wish for you my friend.
That, and a long weekend in the Caribbean.