Monday, February 1, 2010

Tee and the Bee.

Seeing how, we have a vomiting child in our house and have done lots and lots of laundry, I think it's best, and more positive, if I talk about the beginning of our weekend instead of the end.  That way, you'll have something to look forward to.

Last Friday, Tee, my fifth grader, was chosen to represent Covenant at the District Private School Spelling Bee.


It is the greatest compliment coming from me because I was the antithesis of Tee growing up and would have never in 1,000,000,000,000 years have been asked to represent in the spelling bee.

For example, I when I typed that the number above, I had to count the zeros twice to make sure I'd correctly positioned the commas.

Anyway, although he'd talked about it for a year, and watched Akeelah and the Bee fourteen times, he didn't really study which led to several discussions by Trey and myself about the value of a tough lesson.  We were sure he'd be out on the first round and had our speeches prepared.  Mine was really good.

In addition, I was all ready to drop him off, console him after his inevitable first-round elimination, and then go return some stuff at Home Depot. You know, 'cause I had some errands to run.  Instead, my fellow moms and I sat at the bottom of the elevators all morning while groups of children who had misspelled a word came to find solace in the Starbucks, wood fired pizza oven, and video games that were inside the host-church's building.

Let that sink in a minute will you.  There ya go.

Anyway, slowly, we saw Covenant red sweater after red sweater but no sign of Tee.

I'm sorry, did I mention I had errands to run?  I thought so.

Hour after hour went by and that little booger hung in there like a dog on a bone, finally finishing fourth in his grade level, and going further than anyone at Covenant has ever gone.

Did I say Nerd?  I meant Stud.  Or Lucky, either one.  And my speech was totally wasted.

We were really proud of everyone and proved it in the universal kid language of burgers and milkshakes.

And that was the pretty great start to our weekend.  It digressed pretty quickly by Sunday afternoon.  More on that tomorrow.


Joyce said...

Starbucks and wood fired pizza? Seriously? Wow..we just get really bad coffee in a styrofoam cup.

I confess I loved a spelling bee as a kid. Congrats to your son!

Anonymous said...

Tell Tee "great job" for me! Very proud of him! Love, B.

Jess said...

Way to go Tee!!! I was a totally spelling nerd too. I was home schooled until eight grade though, so my main competition was a big brother who could care less. Can't wait to hear about the rest of the weekend!

Becca said...

Starbucks and video games, that's what our church in the hood has, doesn't yours? it's all the rich members we have that pays for it . . . or not :-) haha glad Tee did so well! I'm still waiting for y'all to come to Atlanta and take me to Kevin's restaurant. But apparently I'm going to need a few months warning to get a reservation . . .

Holli said...


Best Life said...

This happened to me as a kid. In 5th grade I came home with a permission slip for my mother to sign. It was for me to go to the big city spelling bee because I had won our school bee. My mother looked at it and said, "I didn't know you knew how to spell." Since no one had ever worked with me I decided it was a natural gift. Since I had this God-given talent, when I started homeschooling my kids I had the idea that I would never have to teach spelling because my children would have inherited this gift, spelling and brown hair. That's what I planned to pass along. They got the brown hair. Lisa~

Candy said...

Nanny here! I told Tee that I too was a great speller. Won the area Spelling Bee as a 6th grader. I lived in total fear of Hazel Engezeth, "the blue-haired bat" (my 6th grade teacher who selected me to represent our school), as well as my Dad, the originator of the now famous "Double-D" you wrote about last week. I actually studied, however, which proves Tee naturally smarter, and, for sure, a more voracious reader.
Way to go, Tee!!


Process Mapping Blog said...

Great JOB and congrats on setting a new benchmark at Covenant.

Your Momma could spell and your farther needs spell check....


Deidra said...

Congratulations! My husband calls me a spelling snob, but I'm sure I never would have made it that far in a spelling bee. Your guy? Definitely a stud!

Henley on the Horn said...

I love it!! Go Tee!!! What a great job he did! I hope he had some of the Starbucks hot chocolate & a brick fired pizza too. Don't all churches have those?! Ha! We finally have our own building for the first time in over 10 years!

Lea said...

Yea, Tee!!!! Way! to! go!! Starbucks and a wood burning pizza place? Did you say in a church? Wow. I'll have to get Tim on that. Surely we could put that in the budget for next year. I'm still crusading to get rid of all powder coffee creamers in the building...thought it would be so 21st century to only offer the little individual Internat'l Delight creamers instead. Guess I'm outta my league. Have a great day!!

Karin Katherine said...

One of our church campuses has a Starbucks and I'm just dying for us to get one!

Can you tell I live in Palm Beach County?

Christians can love Starbucks too. Don't be hatin'

michelle said...

Tell Sadie that Jack hopes she feels better.
Good for you Tee! Keep spelling!