Monday, March 29, 2010


*Let me begin by saying that Oliver Twist, our ball python, is going on week two of his Spring Break.  Not even in college did I get that kind of vacation.*

Saturday afternoon, several churches and ministries came together to host the Fifth Annual West Dallas Easter Eggstravaganza.

The Lord blessed us with beautiful weather and a great turnout.

To the gentleman in this picture who's bottom is predominately featured in this picture, I apologize.

And to the gentleman who, it would appear, is attempting to hand a snowcone to the other gentleman's bottom, I also apologize.  If photography were my gift, I wouldn't...well, no, I probably would.

Graham had no problem figuring out where to get the sugar hook-up.  The volunteers thought it was funny to give my child a monochromatic sugar rush. 

Thanks guys.  

I have your names.  I know where you live, and will drop Graham off on your doorstep until his upcoming blood-sugar-dropping-caused meltdown subsides.

Here's our balloon animal tying clown that had all the kids lined up three-deep. 
I have an irrational fear of balloons popping so I took this picture an ran as fast as I could toward this...

Hello Sunshine.  You're looking ravishing today.

After that light, healthy lunch, we headed over to the bounce houses and carnival games.

I watched in amazement as...

all of these amazing kids...

did all this fun stuff...

after eating a lunch like I did, and not one child vomited.  I totally would have.

There were also special booths for crafts and the telling of the Resurrection Story with plastic eggs.

Lots of time for Mentors and their kids to laugh,

and bond.

It was a great day for everyone and the Community of West Dallas was truly blessed.  In the end, Graham's high fructose corn syrup binge got the best of him and so I dropped him off with the volunteers who got me into this mess in the first place.

Not really.  Instead, we all headed home to kick our feet up and eat something healthy.  Like Hot Cheetos.  I did the whole Barry Sears Zone thing so I totally know about balancing.
These glasses are clearly too large for my face.

I look like a bug.

And my nose is crooked.

Otherwise, this is a sweet picture taken by Brett capturing Graham, me, and another volunteer's backside.

At least we're consistent?

How was you're weekend?


Becca said...

Haha this made me laugh. And I need to go to bed. Good night! :-)

TDM Wendy said...

Looks like fun. We had a great weekend taking photos of people's butts as well. But we offered our butts chocolate chip cookies instead of snow cones.

sevenalstons said...

What a fantastic day... it looks like so much fun! And your recap is hilarious :)

happygeek said...

looks like a great day.
Maybe Oliver is actually a she who is pregnant and off laying her eggs somewhere:)
you're welcome.

Henley on the Horn said...

Sometimes you are just too much to handle in one sitting. HIlarious!!!! I love your sense of humor. Just love it. I hope you remember to pick Graham up after the meltdown is over! You could never look like a bug.

Kim said...

I love reading your posts about the kiddos from Mercy Street. In those children, I see the faces of my students. The 10 year old girl being raised by her "ainies" (aunts) who is beginning to show signs of the mental illness that plagues her mother. The 9 year old boy who will soon be back in Juvenille Hall for the third time this school year after being expelled for assaulting a teacher but trusted me enough to admit that he can't read. My heart aches for these precious ones who need a miracle to change the course of their lives.

My biggest frustration is that I can get them to trust me and perform for me in my classroom, but that doesn't transfer to other teachers or recess behavior. Do you and Trey see the same thing? How do you get the behavior to transfer to people outside the relationships you build with these kiddos? They won't be successful unless it become part of who THEY are not just who they are inside the relationship with a trusted person/mentor.