Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Minor distraction.

I'm sorry, I don't have my Spring Break, Part 2 post up for you today.

I know you barely made it through your day.

We've had some, well, extenuating circumstances at the Hill house.

When we left for the week, we weren't the only ones who needed to get away for a little sun and folly.

I mean, Darius went to tour some colleges in the great state of Georgia with Mercy Street and had a great time.

This could be my favorite Darius picture of all time.

But that's not who I'm talking about.

I'm talking about...him.

Not her. Him.

The stripy, slimy thing she's holding.


Oliver Twist.

He's escaped.

In our house - apparently in search of the perfect Spring Break ever.

Or my pinky toes.

And even my Roomba can't find him.



Joyce said...

oh dear. Oh Dear. OH DEAR!

Henley on the Horn said...

If I were in Dallas today, I would NOT come to visit. Sorry but I don't like the slither of a snake on my feet or hands! Heaven help you, honey! LOVE the picture of Darius. Too cute. Tell him I said GOOOOO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colored With Memories said...

i'm guessing you didn't sleep until he was found!?! scary!

Becca said...

ok that's disturbing about the snake. But I'm more disturbed that Darius was in the ATL and didn't even stop by to say hi. Lame.

Jenny said...

A close encounter between Oliver and the Roomba doesn't bear thinking about... :-(

Holli said...

and this is why my children will never have snakes! and why your friends may not be coming to your house!
Happy Spring Break + to Oliver.

Traci said...

Oh no! Again? Didn't another no shoulders get loose a little while ago? You are brave my friend, very, very brave.

You don't think the dog ate him do you? It could happen.

Oh and tell Darius that he needs to come on over and he can go to the real UT, I'll cook for him, G and AC will hang all over him, and maybe we'll dig a snake or two out of the creek and let them loose in the house- he'll feel like he never left!

Process Mapping Blog said...

I would suggest hanging around the hamster cage. Oliver will show up around snack time.

Love DAD

Eloise said...

I found your blog through Henley on the Horn, but I'd also heard of it before from our mutual friend Elizabeth Emerson (Elizabeth and I are friends from college). I've enjoyed reading about your family. You are a great writer and have a wonderful sense of humor!

I grew up in Atlanta and have eaten many a meal at the Varsity, so I loved the picture of Darius. What a great laugh someone captured!

Hope you or Roomba has recovered the snake by now. Yikes.

Meg said...

Oh dear! Try putting a heat lamp out somewhere on one of your floors...it might pull him out into the open at some point...Good luck!

pendy said...

Lovin' the Varsity hat...I have several in my kitchen right now! Hope he got some onion rings...and enjoyed his time in my state!

Oliver has probably slithered away but how long does it take for you to be assured of that and not wonder if he's still in the house? If this doesn't give you strength to ban reptiles, then I don't know what to say.

Coneymama said...

Boxes would be packed and the U-Haul in the driveway...

Maxine said...

Coneymama summed up my sentiments exactly. We hadn't been in our house but a couple of days when there was a huge (at least 2 feet long according to me - not so big - maybe 6 inches - according to your dad) snake on our driveway...I was ready to call the Realtor and repack all the boxes we'd just unpacked!!! I still walk loudly and carry a 'hugemongous' stick!


Jess said...

Oh my. That's why we will never have a snake! I hope your daughter isn't devistated and that Roomba doesn't find him in an unfortunate way!

Yeah for The Varsity!! I miss the ATL! I think it has a wonderful college atmosphere for students who attend college, especially the traditional African American colleges. I really think it contributes BIG TIME to why Atlanta is such a wonderful city. I'll be praying for his college decisions.

happygeek said...

You would not find me in my house until that thing was returned to his cage. You are a better woman than I.

Deidra said...

Girl...let's hope that Roomba NEVER finds him! Messy.

tracy said...

We're dying to know if you found him?!?!