Wednesday, March 31, 2010

They must not know about me.

About two months ago, my precious children and I went out after dark for a little family-bonding time.

We sang songs, spoke of things eternal, and caution-taped a friends house.

Because nothing says "I love you" more than waking up to a yard full of caution-tape. And toilet paper.

Can I get an Amen?

At the end of our lasting memory making, we had some caution tape left over, and we believe in wasting not but, instead being good stewards of our things.

So we went to a Mercy Street staff member's house and put a wee, tiny bit of caution-tape around their house.

Wee, tiny.

This morning, when I walked out my front door to meet Hannah for our morning walk, I found this.

A precious drawing my angelic children had done the night before.

I don't really know what it is, but I'm sure the whole mural they had done on the sidewalk was destined to become world renowned for it's color and creativity.

But right in the middle of it, in front of our door was this...

At first I thought it was another creation of my children but, upon closer inspection, I found that it was a giant pile of old dog poop with a homemade flag sticking out of it. "A little present from the Easter Bunny."

Well, there's no foolin' this girl. We don't even celebrate Easter with The Bunny. He doesn't bring us presents. And it's not even Easter yet. No. This was wrong. This was the dastardly work of someone evil, and most likely a boy because Heaven knows there's not a girl in this world who would dream up a prank like this one. Sickos.

What these pranksters don't know is that my washing machine totally broke yesterday and I'm on a tear. A tear with dirty cloths piling up by the minute and the ability to escalate a prank like none other.

They'd better keep their guard up 'cause after I head to the laundromat, and make a nice, well balanced dinner for my family, I'm gonna own them.

Somehow, I'm thinking that's not going to be the new slogan in the next Fantastic Four movie.


emily said...

That is so gross, what did you do with it???

Becca said...

ok that totally made me gag . . . nasty

Henley on the Horn said...

What I want to know is what kind of friends do you have that would SAVE dog poop for 2 months in order to create that kind of mound? It is so sick. I can't even think about it. You have really crappy friends. I just had to say it.

These Three Kings said...

okay, seriously, I can smell that waaay over here!! yuk!!!!!I wish I was there to help you get them back..

hickandlo said...

OK, just so you know, WE haven't retaliated yet, but you are in the cross-hairs, so be very, very afraid. I have better things in store for you than Dog Poo.

Sarah Stehlik said...

I can't even comment about the poop part, but did you get your washer fixed? If not, please come over and get your laundry on. However, do not be surprised if you are greeted with disappointment if you are not wielding another cake. Noah's exact words were, "They must be UNBELIEVABLE cooks over there."

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

I just have to send you a caution. Took my youth group tp'ing and ended just have to read about it here:

So, own them, but let's be careful out there. This year, we are delivering decorated toilets to people's front yards to flush out hunger and raise funds for our 30 Hour the dog glad they didn't light it on fire :)