Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The things we do for love.

As you can imagine, we've had a few 'special things for Mommy" come home to our house.

I've told your before about this one Olivia brought home a couple of years ago. 

It's been on display in our house for a long, long time now, and every time I try to move it into the filing cabinet, my heart stops me.

It's not really a filing cabinet.

It's a trash can. 

Just embracing the whole honesty is the best policy thing.

Do you think I should dust it?  Hmmm, that's a revolutionary thought.

Next on display, came this. 

Wow!  My camera really picks up the dust.  I must have it on a special setting that I clearly need to turn off.

Anyway, Graham created this abstract piece out of miscellaneous trash and junk.  

Not exactly what I imagined when we started recycling but, I went with it.  This masterpiece, too, has been on display for several years.

And now, last Saturday at Mercy Street's first ever garage sale, Graham bought me this for $.50.

See the two "L"'s?  According to Graham, they stand for DOUBLE LOVE and therefore I should wear it every day.

I've already had two friends look at me funny as say, "Hey dork, your name starts with M."  They're embracing the honesty thing, too.

When Graham sees that I'm wearing it, though, his whole face lights up and makes it all worth it.

Even the green ring around my neck.


Graham at Chadwell Chronicles said...

Makes you wonder if they're all in on a big joke on you to see how long you keep it all. :)

Bev said...

I think it is beautiful! I have my own set of priceless jewelry straight out of the bubble gum machine at Red Robin. My son was so excited to give them to me and I LOVE THEM! I will probably wear them on his wedding day! :)

Joyce said...

I always found the jewelry the most challenging. Just the other day I came across a 'pin' my youngest daughter made me for Mother's Day when she was 4 (she's 19 now). It is 'abstract' in design but essentially consists of about 12 (looks like 20 but I'm sure its not) puzzle pieces glued together and painted BRIGHT PURPLE!!! I guess I was big in her eyes : ) For added beauty, a sprig of fake flowers is glued on top. There are no words.

When I came across it the other day I had such a flashback to those days, and of wearing that pin on my coat to church. And how proud my daughter was. And you know I am really tempted to pull that thing out when I see her on Easter Sunday. I wonder if her 19 year old self will love it as much as her 4 year old self did?

Enjoy your treasures.

Michelle Rendleman said...

I have a matching "metallic" sculpture that my 3rd grader made for me. I am willing to donate it to you. Then if you find one more you will have an official collection. Everything looks better when you have a collection.

Bill said...

I still have an elephant that Trey made sitting on a bookshelf here, so they tend to do some heart surgery and become real treasures.

Love to you!!

P.S. He ran up to me to show me his purchase. He had combed through lots of stuff to find this and he was/is so proud!!

MissHannah said...

I wondered why all that crap I mean all those treasures were on your table today.

Sweet Graham...I just love that kid.

TDM Wendy said...

This just warms my heart. I love this kind of stuff. So classic. Love the incredible gold hulk statue. You could probably sell that in an art gallery for thousands... of something.
And double love? Is that not the sweetest ever?
The best (or worst?) is when they see their "artwork" AKA scribbles on a paper in the trash. "Mom, you accidentally threw this away."

Traci said...

You are the mom of the year. Wear it well friend.

Becca said...

Why is Graham so darn cute? Love him.

Kim said...

Just curious. Does the Tooth Fairy keep the collected teeth from your house?
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

emily said...

Sweet Graham, I can see his face. So precious and you are one good mama. Double love, so great.

Process Mapping Blog said...

"Lots of Love"

emily said...

aww oh my gosh, too cute!!! love that he loves the necklace :) :)