Monday, March 15, 2010

We're officially Spring Breaking.

Friday, we officially kicked off Spring Break in the Hill house.  Grandparents Day is always the final production put on by our school before we let out for a week of Springtime bliss and merriment.

After getting each child awoken (not a word), fed a healthy, well-balanced breakfast of Lucky Charms, in costume and at the event venue by 8:15, a week break is exactly what we need to recover.

Actually, looking around - like I can tend to do - I realize that some moms thrive, actually excell in such chaos.  Not only are their children on-time and in costume without forgetting one of the primary accessories like someone I know, but their hair is brushed, and they've each gone through one set of rehersals prior to going on-stage.  They also managed to get some protien into their children so they don't pass out.

I may have worried more about getting coffee into the Momma.

Once we get the children to their places, I finally sit down to relax and enjoy the show.  And then I realized I had to jump up and run to the front so I could capture each child on my camera to forever preserve the memories they were making. 

Tee was Cyclops in the story of Odyseus.  Here he is with Sadie who was a Renaissance Painter and clearly, a promising actress.

Just look at her expression of horror while still managing to hang onto her make-up brush she used instead of a paintbrush.

Graham was a Roman Gladiator and loved his part.  At one point they had to all fall down and he fell with such a thud, I was busy making sure he didn't hurt himself instead of taking a picture.

I could never be a war-time photographer.

Olivia's class recited a poem by Eugene Fields.  She did a great job but was not totally convincing as a boy since she wanted to wear pink flip-flops.  Bless her feminine self.

And here is Tee in full costume.  He did great and only grossed out two Explorers with his giant eye.

It was a full morning and we were happy to come home and officially start our break.  

Waiting for us on our porch was a giant package that has given me untold delight all weekend.  

More on that tomorrow.  Now, we're off to the Zoo - with the rest of Dallas.


Becca said...

We had some sweet friends of yours come visit us for spring break. And guess what? they asked us to move in with them. . . just kidding. But seriously, they're sweet and y'all are awesome too - so you should just hire us to work at Mercy Street instead of in Atlanta and we'll be there in a jiffy. I mean, all we have to do is sell our ridiculously over-priced house. no prob.

emily said...

What oh what was in the package?

Kids look amazing by the way.

Colored With Memories said...

I will bring you a coffee next year, as i will be running late i'm sure...definitely with a missing element of costume...running by starbucks will be a good excuse!

lily got in to t/th! so excited!

These Three Kings said...

Happy Spring Break!! I think I know whats in that lucky joker!

have fun at the Zoo!

happygeek said...

Did you have to make those costume? Because just thinking about the amount of work put into them makes me tired.
Happy Spring Break!!!