Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And the winner is...

Before I announce the winner, I need to clarify something from yesterday's post.  Our ball python, Oliver Twist, was found not dead but alive and well, and extremely hungry living under Olivia's bed.  When we fed him, after his three week "staycation", he grabbed that little 'previously frozen' mouse and downed it in a record three minutes.

And with that last sentence, this blog has officially veered in a direction I, as the author, never intended, and you, as a reader, did not deserve.


Next, I have a Bible to give away.  The random integer is...

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

Making the winner: Jenny!!! I don't know if she's 'from the block' or not but she's certainly the winner of a great new Bible!

I'll email you to get your info. so I can ship it out to you a.s.a.p.



Jenny said...

whoa! really?! me?!!! YAY!!!! #1 on the list never wins!!!! too cool. i'm so excited!!! i'm hoping this Bible helps me out when our son comes home from Ethiopia!!! i'll for sure be a busy mom then... THANK YOU!


Jenny said...

oh, and i cannot explain the goosebumps that ran through my body as i read about the ball python living under Olivia's bed... yikes! glad he's alive though :-)

emily said...

Congrats Jenny! Issy is so bummed that she wasn't there to be a part of the discovery of Oliver.

Candy said...

Oh gee! Do we say we are all so glad that Oliver Twist lives???


Henley on the Horn said...

We had 2 four foot long snakes in our yard yesterday. They were not pythons, which can KILL, at least here in Fl, but nice little black snakes. So they say. A snake is a snake. Let's just say one of the two met an early demise under my tire. You, my friend, are one BRAVE lady. I'm sorry, I could not babysit Oliver for you if I lived in the Hood. Just. could. not. do it. You are brave. Or Crazy. (You know I'm just trying to be funny like you are)