Friday, April 30, 2010

Good Morning.

This morning, I went in to wake up Olivia.  I turned on Augustine's heat lamp, Olivier Twist's heat lamp, kissed her cheek, smelled her hair and asked "if I bought you yellow footie pajamas like you had when you were one, would you wear them and let me rock you?"

She laughed and asked how much longer she had to wait to get her ears pierced.


Have a great weekend!


Becca said...

haha she's such a cutie :-)

ps - just sneak into her room with a ladder and rock her like the mom in "love you forever"

These Three Kings said...

LOL! They grow up so fast dont they. Awwwww she is precious!
Have a great weekend :)

Kim said...

Oh ... how I want just one more rock with mine!

Grace said...

I can't help but wonder what it must be like to wake up your children instead of being woken up by them.

Jess said...

Oh my. I just burst into tears over my one year old. Can I speed up my days but slow down my years all at the same time?

Karin Katherine said...

Only another reptile owner's mom could relate to starting your mornings by turning on heat lamps!

Our youngest has informed us she will always be the baby. She is 2 and when I try to tell her she is 2 she says, "No, I a baby" Our 5 year old wants to be 8 (older than her 7 year old brothers)...Kids..I love them.