Monday, April 12, 2010

Now, I'm just tired.

From around the world, we have received words of encouragement, and prayer on the loss of our snake, Oliver Twist.

Maybe not the world, maybe just the DFW Metroplex but, still.

My friend Carey told me that, "A roach in your house is, like, the end of the world but a lost snake is just business as usual."  It's true.  I'm not proud of it, but it's true.

Friday night, three weeks after he'd gone missing, Olivia found him curled up in the bottom of the tub that holds all her American Girl Doll clothes.  It's a fact we may not share with the persnickety Felicity, although I'm not sure it would bother Elizabeth in the least.  She's got a pretty good sense of humor.  

And here marks yet another time when I assign personalities to inanimate objects.  I blame it on the children.

On another weekend note, we ate like fiends this weekend.  Friday night, dinner with our brother-in-law, Joey, who was in town from San Antonio, Trey's parents, and all our minions, I mean kids.  

We ate at our family's favorite Mexican dive, Herrera's.  It's not pretty, or fancy, and our waiter couldn't grasp Joey's need for jalapeno's in portions fit for a giant but instead kept bringing them in emasculating little plastic cups, but we love it, and are willing to overlook it's faults for their famous bean soup and queso.

Saturday night, Trey and I went out to officially celebrate our anniversary.  There was more food and I think, at some point during our meal, I may have said, "If I eat one more bit, I may implode."  

In this picture, I've cropped out the dog, the children, Monkey trying to teach my boys to dance like Michael Jackson, and some boys playing basketball with Dea and Darius.  Otherwise, it was a totally peaceful shot.

Speaking of imploding, Sunday morning, we got up before dawn, woke the children, and headed out to watch the final moments of a Dallas icon. 

Texas Stadium, home to the Dallas Cowboys for 39 years, was being imploded and we had no intention of missing.  Dea and Darius opted out because, 1. it was 6 a.m., and 2. they knew they could watch it on YouTube at a more reasonable hour.  Party poopers.

Just as we got to the top of the overpass, right in front of the Stadium, traffic came to a dead stop.  A parking lot really.  And, despite the police's best efforts to keep people in their cars, everyone was on the road, watching the show from a really great vantage point - like these hooligans right here. 

I felt sorry for this sweet woman who was "parked" next to us.  She'd just gotten off work and all she wanted was go home and get in her bed.  She had no choice but to participate in the ceremonies.

There were fireworks just before the blast.

And finally, Texas Stadium was imploded forever.

And it was right about now that I wished I'd put the larger lens on my camera. 

If I had, I might have gotten a shot like this one.

Hindsight, people, hindsight.

And finally, Sunday, Trey and I went to the beautiful wedding of a friend.  Trey got several compliments on his sport coat which he bought at Sam's Club, a fact he's pretty proud of.  The many compliments initiated a friendly conversation between the two of as as to which is classier, Sam's Club or Walmart. You might be saying to yourself, "Hmm.  Isn't that an oxymoron?" and, if so, Trey would cheerfully be willing to debate the life out of you until you succumb to his Sam's Club brainwashing.

Well, as long as we've still got that spark...

They served peach cobbler which officially makes it the best wedding I've ever been to in my entire life.

I'm easily swayed by peach cobbler.

How was your weekend?


Kim said...

You can absolutely count our wishes from Hong Kong concerning Oliver Twist's MIA status as words of encouragement from "around the world"! :o)

And can you believe we also watched Texas Stadium imploded from Hong Kong? Yes, it was global news! And we displaced Texans, we were thrilled to see it televised!

If I wasn't feeling homesick before I read your post, my tummy is now! All I can say is YUM! TX Mex and Peach Cobbler. All in one weekend. You must be livin right!

Happy Anniversary. That photo is GORGEOUS!

Love & Blessings,

Traci said...

You all should get the "Coolest Parents Ever" award- 1. You let them have snakes and don't stroke out when they escape. 2. You take them to watch imploding buildings. How fun!

little miss can't be wrong said...

What a fun adventure!! I'm sure your kiddos will remember it for years to come!

Candy said...

Great pic! I'm tired just reading your weekend activities. You failed to mention that you had 2 extra kiddos in tow on Friday night!

Can't wait to hear who wins the Bible tomorrow!

Love to u!


Colored With Memories said...

i can't believe y'all saw it in person. did it shake the ground?

beautiful pic of you and trey!

happy anniversary!

Karin Katherine said...

A sense of humor, a heart for God & His work, and you are GORGEOUS to boot? Is there anything you don't have? Besides the MIA snake?

Henley on the Horn said...

YOU are gorgeous! Wow!!! I loved hearing about your weekend. How awesome that you saw Texas Stadium come down. Did it make you happy & sad at the same time?

Becca said...

at least he has a sports coat. Adam wore his chacos to the rehearsal dinner i was in this weekend . . .

Anonymous said...

Speaking as someone with the majority of her wardrobe from Sam's, it's ABSOLUTELY classier than Walmart. Sam's carries NAME brands, like the Liz Clairborne capris I currently have on! You won't find any of those at Wally World. :)

Process Mapping Blog said...

WOW what a weekend. I spent it in Omaha with your grandparents, cousins, went to a baptism and ate BBQ...but nothing as exciting as watching the big BOOM.

Please extend our condolences to Olivia...I sure she will miss Oliver Twist, while I miss Herrera's bean soup. We all have our priorities!

These Three Kings said...

awww hearing about your weekend puts a smile on my face. YOu are such a great mom. I love how you balance time with your kiddies and with those in the hood.Sooo refreshing!!! Thank you for sharing..

miss seeing yall :)

Grace said...

I'll send good thoughts for Oliver from Bangalore. If I send y'all one of the cobras from our backyard, would you send me some Herreras? Probably not a fair trade.....

Let'sMakeADifference said...

What a weekend! Just found your blog! The pictures are great!

Sarah said...

Happy belated anniversary....the picture of you two is gorgeous, and I love all that you had to crop out to make it gorgeous. lol

Hadn't been on here in awhile. Gave me my laugh quota for the day...possibly even week. And of course, I was not laughing AT you, just WITH you. ;-)

happygeek said...

Peach cobbler!
That is one thing that Canadians just cannot do right. How I miss it.