Monday, April 19, 2010

Opening Day!

Last June, I wrote about the groundbreaking for the new sports complex Mercy Street, along with several business and church partners, was building on a 20-acre property in West Dallas.

This is what it looked like that day.

Saturday afternoon, those partners, along with families and kids from the community and Dallas' Mayor came out to celebrate the official opening of West Dallas' Field of Dreams.

It is the first-ever regulation ball field in West Dallas and is really beautiful.

I kinda wanted to move into these dugouts because, I mean, look at them.  There's a place for everything.

The major financial contributors will be honored with these bricks and stone bases that will be laid permanently after the completion of a brick campaign.  Guess what my kids were begging for the rest of the day?  Bricks.

Maybe we'll get them one that says, "Hill kids.  Because what we lack in cleanliness, we make up for in volume."

Here's Trey talking to the Mayor who came out to throw out the first pitch.  They're looking kinda chummy and it really irritates me.

Thursday morning, after sitting for the better part of eternity in a courtroom trying to take care of a speeding ticket, I texted Trey and said, "I just wrote the City of Dallas a nice little check."  Translation, Mayor Leppert and his people were getting the funds I had set aside for a new pair of metallic flat sandals.

Translation, translation, "I should slow down."


Trey immediately texted me back, "I just got off the phone with Mayor Leppert.  We're now BFF's and, along with throwing out the first pitch Saturday, he's giving me a couple of awards and blah, blah, blah."

Trey neither used the phrase 'BFF' or 'blah, blah, blah'.  I added that for effect.

Ok, actually, we were really blessed he came.  He's a dear man and spoke very graciously about Mercy Street, the community, and Trey.  He also got a lot of mud all over his very nice shoes and didn't care a bit which is an attitude I probably would not have had if I had been wearing new metallic flat sandals.

Tim Lott from the Dallas Housing Authority who helped Mercy Street obtain the land was thrilled to see the completed field.

I don't really know who all these children are, I just know they all, along with my children, piled into my car to the event thereby violating dozens of driving laws and explaining why I spend so much time in traffic court.

The players and volunteer coaches were over the moon at the thought of playing on this beautiful new field.

Trey also went to Pinkston High School several months ago and told the baseball coach that they would like for the Varsity team to use the field for their practices and home games.  The coaches, couldn't believe it.  They've never had a home field!  The coach said they've had more kids tryout for the varsity team this year than ever before.

There was a great clip on the Saturday evening news about the whole event.  You can watch it here.

This was Phase 1 of the plans for the West Dallas sports complex.  Future plans include soccer/football fields, a softball field, and perhaps a drivers safety road course for those in the community who might need a refresher course.



D'Lyn said...

It IS beautiful! The kind of field where dreams are made.

missy said...

how thrilling! i am tearing up as i see the pictures of the field of dreams and think about the hope it brings for the future!

Traci said...

Oh wow! Sort of makes up for the traffic court doesn't it? What a great place for kids.

Legally Fabulous said...

That's so awesome!
Congrats to all who were involved in making it become a reality!

pendy said...

Amazing! What a great facility. Kudos to all who came together to make it happen (and those who are still working to make the rest of it happen!).

HollyP said...

Wait - where's the news clip?

Candy said...

As I said: someone in the traffic court needs to hear the gospel. Home away from home.

Saturday was awesome and testimony to the grace of God. He has poured out His blessings. What great visuals of His provision.

Were the metallic flats from Target?


sevenalstons said...

That is truly so exciting! What a blessing to your community :)

Becca said...

yay! I love it! :-)

Audrey said...

It's beautiful! Y'all are such movers and shakers with celebrities throwing out the first pitch and all --- surprised you didn't ask the mayor to help you out with your traffic "issues" while he was there...

Joyce said...

Wow-that is just awesome!

emily said...

Maybe I have had too much "mommy juice" tonight, but this post is so precious it made me cry! I love seeing the kids faces and the gorgeous baseball field. Maybe because I sometimes feel as though I live at baseball fields, I don't know. I am really proud of all you guys are doing over there! Amazing.

Kim said...

I'm so excited for you and for the kiddos in your neighborhood!

I don't work with your kiddos in West Dallas, but I work with kiddos just like them here in Southern California. Words can't express how grateful I am that Mercy Street is dedicated to loving on the kids who need it most.

Thank you for what you do. I know how difficult, exhausting and sometimes disappointing it can be. I ache for the kiddos who don't seem to "get it", but I live for the day that one of my "bad boys" sends me a high school graduation announcement and tells me he's been accepted to college.

I love that you call it "Field of Dreams" because that is exactly what these kids need DREAMS and the HOPE that dreams can come true for them!

Keep fighting the good fight!

bronzedshoe said...


That place will make good memories for years to come.

The Hull's at #4 said...

I just love it when things work! Praise God!!!

TDM Wendy said...