Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good Parenting. Check.

I've got a billion things to do this morning before I get to have lunch a with my friend, Kathryn, to celebrate both her birthday and being five years, cancer free.

She's pretty great and for sure, this is a day worth celebrating.

So, I have to actually shower and wash my hair this morning and then turn the whole thing into something that will pass actually walking into and sitting down in a restaurant instead of the Chick-fila drive through window.  Let me tell you, it's not gonna be easy.

Yesterday afternoon Sadie told me she was hungry so I asked her if she wanted a snack. She replied in her sweet, sing-song voice, "Mom, how 'bout, instead of a snack, we actually eat something?"  And I realized I had officially succeeded in teaching her that a snack is not actually eating, it's just the food version of activity interruption.  Like the phone ringing, or having to use it.

High fives, all around!


Sarah said...

"Having to use it" This cracks me up. There are phrases/slang that I'm not totally sure what they mean, but the first time a little boy told me "I gotta use it" I thought, "No mystery there- I know exactly what you are saying." Love it.

Karin Katherine said...

LOVE IT! When is your parenting book coming out?cul

emily said...

meals are overrated!