Monday, May 10, 2010

An inspiring Mom.

Last Friday, in honor of Mother's Day, I wrote about a mom from our community in the Dallas Morning News Briefing.  The link posted online yesterday afternoon and I wanted to share it with you...

I haven't actually known Sonya Wilson for very long. I have, however, seen her beautiful children -- especially her son, Sebastian -- around the neighborhood and in our home. (He's one of Darius' best friends.)
I've seen her strong influence in their character, in the way they respect her instruction and in the way they treat others. For those reasons, she stands out, and I had the privilege of sitting down with her and her kids to see what it was that she was doing so right.

melissahillsonya_wilson.JPG Since 1985, Sonya has lived in West Dallas. She had Sebastian when she was a teenager, and closely behind came Ne'Ne', and finally, Jermond. They're 17, 15 and 14 and ooze joy with one another -- so much so, you can't help but notice something's different.

These kids love their momma.

"She's just the very best mom," says Sebastian, a 6-4 basketball star. "I wouldn't want any other."

"She's taught me to be a strong woman like she is -- independent. She's taught me to respect myself," chimes Ne'Ne', a cheerleader for Pinkston who's making excellent grades (just as her momma expects).

Jermond is lying in his momma's bedroom, eyes open, awake -- but quiet. His bed is 2 feet from hers always, and although he can't respond to her, she's confident he knows her. At 15 months, after contracting viral meningitis, he went from being a busy toddler to being severely disabled. Sonya was just 23.
Jermond needs full-time care during the day so Sonya can go to work at Home Depot, a job she's proudly held for five years.

At night, Sebastian says, "We all help but she -- she's amazing. She pops right up in the middle of the night when he needs her because she's his momma. That's what mommas do."

Sonya couldn't agree more. The single mother says simply, "I'm the mom. People say I'm strong, but I'm just doing what I'm supposed to do for my son -- for all the children.  She longs for them to enjoy their childhood and hang onto their innocence as long as possible. She also wants to see them have and do what she did not.

In a season when her home could be filled to overflowing with teen angst, Sonya Wilson's is not. Instead, she is surrounded by children who honor her for the mother she is to them, who love one another -- and who have joy and perspective that stand out in the heart of Dallas' inner city.

SONYA WILSON with her children (from left) Jermond, Ne'Ne' and Sebastian.


Carly said...

Thank you for sharing that story! She's clearly not working for her "reward" here on earth- but she will get it on the other side of Glory!

This reminds me of the difference between physically "having kids" and truly being a mother-- she is a mother b/c of her actions and choices each day, not b/c she physically had those children. May God bless her!!!

Lea said...

Powerful testimony! Thank you for sharing her that she embraces why she does what she does: "Because she's a momma, and that's what they do." Can't wait to read the full Dallas M. News article!

Grateful for Grace said...

What a testimony. I love when she says, "I'm just doing what I'm supposed to do." Amen and amen! Wowza, she's a blessing. Her kids have already risen and called her blessed.

Cimbrey said...

I just saw the art from the D paper. I'm a Theta from A&M C/O of 2003! It's so cool Thetas are doing awesome things! My husband and I are adopting from ET, so we will also have a "Blended Family" soon. Thanks for what you are doing to raise Godly men. Theta love and mine, Cimbrey

patty said...

i popped over here from a friend's blog. she provided the link. what a beautiful tribute. i wish i could know her b/c Lord knows i'm approaching those years of teen angst!! :)
let her know she's being kept in prayer, and we admire what's she's doing.

Guard Wife said...

Great story and a good reminder that to this tired Mom that we need to stay positive, energetic & consistent so our kids have what they need. Thanks for sharing her with us!