Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just one more way I'm mistaken for being Amish.

Thanks for all the encouragement on my last post.  Y'all are a feisty bunch and I like it.

My stepmother, who is a fabulous cook, called me two weeks ago all a buzz over Amish Friendship Bread.

"Although it's not really bread, it's more like cake."

She said and that I had to make it with my kids and she was overnighting the starter to me first thing Monday morning.

See how pushy she is - making me bake cakes with my children?  I know.  Ugh.

After getting the starter and the directions which involved mashing it and adding sweet sugar and vanilla and miscellaneous yummenities (not a word), finally, Monday night, it was time to bake our bread.  Although, it's not really bread, it's more like cake.

I knew it was time because my stepmother called to make sure I knew it was baking day.  She also made me eat a handful of Peanut M&M's and drink a Diet Coke.

The nerve of that woman.

On a side note, I, as a woman, have the right to change my mind at any given moment for any given reason.  And so I have.  I now prefer Peanut M&;M's to Milk Duds.  I'm not saying I won't go back to my first love or anything but, for now, Peanut M&M's are the new black.  Or the new Milk Dud's.  Or my greatest impediment to being bathing-suit-ready.  Whatever.

Ok, back to the bread.  That is really more of a cake...

Olivia wanted to do the caramel pudding/dried apple variation so I bought her the stuff and she went to work. 

She stirred, and added, and measured until it was a big bowl of yummy batter.

I don't have a picture of the finished product because it was gone before it came out of the pan.  It was awesome, and I even let the kids have a bite.  Darius loved it except he thought there were too many mangos in it.

News flash, there weren't any mangos in it.

Then we bagged up four "Amish Friendship Bread, that's actually more like a cake, Starters" and delivered them to unsuspecting friends.

Now, for the behind the scenes...

While we were baking, Devron brought multiple bugs in the house to show me.  Here is his ladybug.  Right near the food.

Najee is in the background about to make some Ramen Noodles because he wasn't so sure about the bread/cake and basically can't be in my house for more than 3.2 minutes without making a bowl of noodles.  Well, as long as they're not full of Sodium.

The kids also had fun with my camera.  This is only one of about a billion pictures they took of my ugly dog.

Nice tongue Scout.  Way to try.

And Dea, being the sweet big brother was building a race car on his Xbox game for Sadie.  This is the conversation I overheard from the kitchen.

"Sadie, what kind of rims do you want?  You want your car sittin' on some 22"s or 24"s

"Ith that the biggetht you can get?"

"No, you can get some 26"s or 30"s but those are way big.  Have you ever seen a Hummer sittin' on some 30"s?  They're bigger than you."

"YEAH!  Thath what I want.  And purple.  Can they be purple?"

"We'll try."


Joy said...

my starter is on day 9. Tomorrow I make bread/cake. :-) Isn't it just the BEST! A lady at church stopped me Sunday and handed me a starter bag and a mini loaf/cake and asked me to make some for the church's freezer. I'm still debating if it will go into the church's freezer or mine. ;-)

Henley on the Horn said...

That pushy stepmother of yours. Bring on the bread that tastes like cake. I'm ready!

Becca said...

I love it at your house :-) And I love friendship bread. Did I tell you that the last time we made it, we may or may not have kept all the starter kits for ourselves so we could make 5 loaves and eat them all. What?

Oh and have you tried the new pretzel m&ms? They might change your life. amazing.

Jill said...

Hey what about those new pretzel m&m's???? They are even better if you mix them with the peanut, and take a handful, and each bite is different. I will pass on the amish bread. Have fun. What about coke zero, are you a fan? No headaches compared to the regular diet coke. Just askin'!

emily said...

That post is chalk full of stuff............good stuff, I might add.

Your comment on Pat seriously made me spit out what I was drinking-- which surely was water as it is only a minute past 5.

happygeek said...

I LOVE that Dea is making Sadie a purple hummer with 26 rims. LOVE it. That's an awesome big brother!

Amy said...

amish bread is dangerous!

Anonymous said...

If you don't want to be stuck with all those "starters", just feed your bag with 1/2 cup of each ingredient (or 1 cup of each if you want to cook more frequently -- just keep it at a 1:1 ratio for each and feed it every 7-10 days). This way you'll have plenty to cook with and not be stuck with all the extra. Just make sure you run your batch through a few cycles before you institute this new method.

The B4 said...

You easily make me laugh! We'd love to visit Oliver Twist and do some bakin' this summer. My boys are very into snakes and cakes. :)

I'll bring the Diet Coke and Peanut M&M's.

Luke B.'s Mommy

Kim said...

Thanks for the reminder! I love Amish Bread. Wonder what my Hong Kong neighbors would think if I dropped off a starter pack?!
And I am with Darius ... why add fruit to an already killer cake .. I mean bread!
Love & Blessings,

grammyglasses said...

I'm not PUSHY! I remember specifically calling you and ASKING you if you'd like me to Fedex you some of the starter? I figured that since you're a great baker (nothing like trying to suck up), and the girls love to help, what a fun thing to do. From a purely selfish stand point, I've been making this every 10 days since Paige brought it to me in February (you do the math)! Dad and I would be weighing in at a ton each if we ate it all - either that or a diabetic coma with all the sugar - and my freezer couldn't hold any more and everyone at the office is making it and bringing it in to share - I thought of all the people in Texas that you know and would share with. I've made so many different variations I could sell some of it at the local Farmer's Market -now that's a business idea I hadn't thought of.

Glad that you enjoyed it...hugs to all the kids.

Candy said...

The Amish Bread is great! You will find, however, it's kind of like soaking 10 lbs of pintos-- it just keeps multiplying. The starter "grows" and grows and you will be able to give to the entire West Dallas community in a few weeks. Next time you bake a batch, however, I'd love to taste it.

Love to you!


Carey said...

Did you leave it on my doorstep? Hmmm...I didn't see it out there. I'll check again.

The Pennington Point said...

Can you believe that occasionally people actually ask me if I'm Amish?! Just because I have a lot of kids and we wear dresses, seriously?! I want to be rude and say something like, "Uh, did you see the mini van I drove up in and the Brighton purse I am carrying? You're a little slow, huh fella?" But I don't say that. I feel an obligation to represent the Amish better than that.

I just sent you a blog award. I love telling people about your blog. It blesses me every time I read one of your posts. Lisa~

Sitesx6 said...

My thing has always been peanut M&Ms...but now, I've found a new love:

PRETZEL M&Ms!!! (blue don't walk to the nearest store)

I'll never be the same again.

ty said...

hahahahaaaa thank you for the laugh :)

Mandy said...

Your posts are hilarious! So, not being Amish, but being fasinated with their live syle, I was excited when my mother announced she was bringing me some Friendship Bread starters. However, when it took over one of my already too small counters I couldn't get into the ritual. I did put some starter bags in the freezer with good intentions, but almost a year later came to the conclusion that I'm better at eating it! It is delicious, especially the pistachio version my mother brought!!

Anonymous said...

We call this "tribble bread" at our house. Remember that old episode of Star Trek? The tribbles that reproduced exponentially? And filled up all the compartments of the SS Enterprise with their cute little fuzzy purring offspring? Watch out. That so-called bread stuff is sneaky and can take over before you realize what hit you! - Mrs. L.