Monday, May 17, 2010

Slurpee Interruptus.

Yesterday morning, at church, my friend Mindy, in her sweetest Indiana accent ever (totally made up, there's no such thing as an Indiana accent), told me she didn't really get my post from Friday about Sadie thinking a snack wasn't actually eating.

Sometimes, the things I think are sarcastic and funny aren't actually sarcastic and funny but, instead might appear as though I am promoting some sort of eating disorder in my child. I swear I'm not unless teaching her that the best way to round out an apple is by slicing it, putting it between two pieces of bread slathered with peanut butter and grilling the whole thing until it's all warm and melty and delicious.

And as I read that back, I realize that Mindy may be onto something.

And speaking of health, have I ever mentioned my childrens' affection for the Slurpee? They can't get enough and driving past a 7-Eleven with them in the car on a hot afternoon is enough to send me to the funny farm.

Is there such a thing as a funny farm? Does everyone think it's funny or would it just be me, kind of like Friday's post?

Anyway, Saturday night officially marked the beginning of summer with a trip to Aunt's Stella's Shaved Ice. It's kind of a Dallas institution located in a little neighborhood in Oak Cliff, and they're only open three days a week, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

It's the one treat that outshines the Slurpee in my kids' eyes. Our favorite flavor is Beetle which is some crazy concoction none of us can identify but don't really care. There's always a line but the sno-cones are definitely worth the wait and everyone just smiles and chats and sometimes debates the very best flavor.

And the gentleman in this picture is actually very nice and friendly, not scary at all and certainly not about to shake his fist and yell, "GET OFF MY LAWN!!!", like the photo might suggest.

Anyway, if you're in Dallas, make a point to go. If you're not, come visit and I'll take you but you have to be here before 9:00pm because that's when they stop serving and there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Mostly by me.


Jen said...

Watch what you say about Indiana people now, we might show you exactly what a "Hoosier" is. :)

Kristin said...

Hmmm, wonder if it's as good as Sno Beach in will set you free! Maybe you and Emily just need to make a trip down here to compare :o)

Joyce said...

I think funny farm is funny : )

We had to buy my girls a slurpee as we were headed to the airport in FL yesterday...they don't have 7-11's where they live in SC.

In our part of the country we have Rita's Italian Ice and it is fantastic. They even do a sugar free variety which is surprisingly really tasty if you want something 'healthy'. Then they do italian ice mixed with soft serve ice cream which is probably not healthy but oh is delicious!

The Pennington Point said...

It's all about Sonic for us. Just yesterday the kids told me it was getting to be Sonic time again. In our small town, that's the only choice. If I ever get up to Dallas, I'm keeping you to your promise. Lisa~

Kim said...

Love all those flavor options! I bet that would be a great business in our little tourist town in the summer :-) Nothing like that here, but plenty of ice cream shops. I find the ice cream a little too sweet for my taste, but totally love the sherbets. My current fav is pink grapefruit but they just added a passion fruit that really tastes like the real thing so I might have to switch my allegiance. LOL

I got your "funny" the other day but then my sense of humor is distinctly warped, or so my family tells me, so maybe that's not such a great endorsement.

(And my sense of humor goes over like a lead balloon in this culture. Or maybe it's just my linguistic limitations. But whatever it is, NOBODY gets my funnies. Oh well.)

The Huffstetlers said...

Why is the Pink Lady $.25 more? What makes it so special?

Tammy said...

interesting comment about indiana residents not having an accent; was just discussing this w/a good friend of mine today; I grew up in a ky town that was only separated from IN by the ohio river; keep in mind we drove to IN to do anything that didn't involve walmart; have lived in IN for 8 years now, and constantly get teased about my "accent"!

Colored With Memories said...

aunt stellas? really? we grew up on those in duncanville. did they move north?

my favorite as a kid was the "popeye" your tongue will be green for days, but give it a try anyways!