Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer has officially begun!

Now, let me begin this post by saying that I love my children more than anything on this earth.  They are a delight and I cherish them above all else but their Lord and Creator, Jesus Christ.

And, that being said...THEY'RE GONE AT CAMP FOR A WHOLE WEEK!!!!!!!!


Olivia met her counselor right off the bat and I knew I loved her because she went to Texas A&M!!

We dropped these cuties off yesterday and now it's just Trey and Me all week long!  Ok, ok.  And Sadie, Dea, and Darius.  Dang!  Why do you have to be so specific?

Anyway, we are down 50% of our children for a whole week, Dea and Darius can drive themselves to the hospital if anything happens to them and Sadie is going to Camp Nanny and Bunty for a couple of days.  I've gotta be honest people, I may take a break from blogging and enjoy the quiet.  Not that y'all are loud or anything, I just can't wait to relax a little.

My friend Carey, who organizes people for a living, got all giddy when I told her I was going to be empty-nesting it for a few days and her first reaction was, "That is so DREAMY!!!  We need to find a project for you to do since you'll be alone-ish in your house!"

See, that's what I love about friends.  We can be so, so, different and still love each other.  She got extra doses of the gene I didn't get at birth and I'm going to embrace that fact this week and maybe read a book.

Right now, along with Tim Keller's Counterfeit Gods, I'm reading A Mercy by Toni Morrison.  Any other suggestions?

And just so you'll know I'm not totally heartless, I met Bill McKenzie, the founder of Pine Cove yesterday and cried telling him how much his camp has meant to our own children and Mercy Street.  Week 11, we'll be heading back as Mercy Street takes 120 kids down to Pine Cove Outback for the kids' favorite weeks of the year.

We love ourselves some Pine Cove in this community!

And in this home.  This very, very, quiet home.


OkraMeetsRice said...

I worked at Pine Cove when I was in college and loved every minute. It is a wonderful place. I actually worked at one of the family camps. It was AWESOME! I suggest everyone visit.

Leventhal Family said...

We're getting our first taste of Pine Cove this week with Daniel at Base Camp. He was so excited and I was so impressed with the eye contact and hand shake from his counselor. It's the small stuff!!! Enjoy your week "off"!

The B4 said...

Enjoy the alone time, friend! And empty nestin'! Definitely sounds DREAMY!

colecrew said...

My boys got their first taste of PC last week and they had a blast! and i have to say, Gig 'em!!!:)

Christie said...

Enjoy your "empty" house!! I'd have to recommend David Platt's "Radical" if you haven't already read it!!!


emily said...

Enjoy!! Nanny may bring Sassy here tomorrow to Camp Alexander! Maybe not as fun as Pine Cove but we do have popcicles. :)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

What kind of book do you want?

Fiction, non-fiction, chick lit, biography, erotica...

Okay I really don't know any awesome erotica books to recommend. But I saw erotica on a sign yesterday in Half Priced Books and I have been wanting to use erotica in a sentence ever since.

Can you imagine: "So what do you do for a living?" "I write erotica." "O-oh." (crickets.)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

PS I did get it out of my system. Thanks.

Amy Anderson said...

Melissa- Fun to see you the other night...enjoy your project-free week!!

Missy-I don't know you, but I like you. Saw the same sign recently and haven't been able to work it in to conversation. Well done!

Kim said...

Enjoy every quiet minute and every page!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Becca said...

ohh enjoy it! :-)

Laura said...

Ok, book suggestions... I have been revisiting Corrie ten Boom and thoroughly enjoying it. Surveying her life from start to finish is a breathtaking view of God's work in someone's life from the perspective of that person and the perspective that she could not know at the time. From start to finish: My Father's House (early years that clearly prepared her for-), The Hiding Place, Tramp for the Lord, and Five Silent Years (her inspiring life after a stroke). I love biography when it is a life well-lived!

sevenalstons said...

I'm a little jealous ;) Enjoy the quiet and the reading time! I'll be enjoying the noise of five children all asking what we're doing today!!!

These Three Kings said...

ooo I wish I was in ya house about now..enjoy this season of relaxation. I love how the Lord gives us just what HE knows and says we need at the right time :)
Did you get the text I sent you this morning?