Friday, June 4, 2010

Was' up?

So, I logged onto my computer this morning to find my oldest boys had been watching a bootleg copy of Iron Man 2 and my header has been changed to a portrait of President Obama gazing off into the distance, surrounded by stars. Seriously?

Clearly, summer is here and the little time, space, and electronic devices I had to myself while my children are being teached in school is now, officially, gone.

Right along with my ability to use proper English.

I've been busy trying to figure out what in the heck we're going to do all summer when it's 8000 degrees outside and the schools are closed.  I know this because I've been up every morning at 7:55, with my kids dressed in their uniforms, holding sack lunches, rattling the iron gate begging them to let my children back inside.

I haven't really.  Actually, I love summer.  I love having my chicks home, watching them sleep in, and playing in the pool.  They're all old enough to swim by themselves and I could actually read a book poolside if it wasn't for the whole wanting to talk my friends' ears off thing.  They're also young enough, though, to squeal when I get my hair wet and play sharks and minnows with them.

Especially Dea, he loves playing sharks and minnows.

He doesn't really, but he never reads this so I can totally say stuff like that and he'll never know.

He sleeps with a teddy bear.  He likes eating Jell-O through a straw.  His favorite pastime is rolling coins.

Anyway, we've had a big week trying to get into the rhythm of summer and have had a few challenges along the way.  We've had an extra child staying with us in an effort by the Lord to do a little Speed Sanctification.  Kind of like Speed Dating but without the awkward conversation and wine. 

Oh, who am I kidding, there's been wine.

In my efforts to entertain, I may have made a mistake or two along the way.  For example, at a recent fishing expedition, I may or may not have inadvertently bet all the children in my presence $10 if they ate one of the very large and very alive worms we were using as bait.  I had one taker.  It was awful and awesome at the same time.  I may have filmed it.

See you next week with some more frequent (I promise) posts.


Traci said...

Well, you must post the film- that's great. Happy summer!

Deidra said...

Yay for summer! Is the video on you-tube yet?

Holli said...

have missed you!:)
must post the worm eating!
just to rub it in we have 6 weeks left of school... though I wish they were home. I am sick of school runs!!! and of course I want my kids home!!!

Chrys and Mike said...

You're hilarious.

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Maybe that will give you some more ideas for summer fun.


sevenalstons said...

You are too funny ~ I've missed your posts! Looking forward to the worm video... that sounds like something I would do, although I don't know if I would have any takers. I do have an 8 year old son who eats ants (seriously... and I have no idea why) so maybe he would do it for 10 bucks :)

Amy said...

love it!

Colored With Memories said...

missed you....started thinking the amish bread starter had taken over the house!


Kim said...

You've been missed.
Really? A worm!
You kill me.
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Becca said...

you crack me up - I cant wait to see the video :-)

TDM Wendy said...

I would like to see the worm eating video. We used to do things like that at our high school youth group. For free. I think that is why all kids have ADD now. Or something like that.

angel gonzales said...

It would be fun to see the worm eating. I wished there was a video included. Hopefully, next time, you can post the video. I don't know if i can take a bet like that. I can't imagine myself eating a worm. Anyway, hope you will have a fun summer.