Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Week two of Summer. GO!

This upcoming weekend, I'll be headed back to my hometown for my 20th high school reunion.


When I write, "my hometown", it reads all quaint and charming-like, doesn't it?  In fact, my hometown is Houston which is not at all quaint but gigantic and gives me heart-attacks whenever I drive in it.  To be more exact - and trying with all my might to not end a sentence with a preposition - I'm actually from Spring.  Back in the day, it was a large suburb just outside the city limits where the effects of too much hairspray and acid washed jeans on the Ozone Layer where largely ignored.

Spring - where I got my first moped, my biggest perm, and my most beautiful Laura Ashley dress with the tiny flowers and giant white collar.

Oh, don't be coy with me, you know the one.

I wore it with pantyhose and white flats.

Totally rocked it.

On a side (and truly encouraging note) a dear church in Northern Ireland sends students over each summer to intern-ish at Mercy Street.  They stay with the Smiths and are incredibly delightful.


Anyway, this Spring's intern is Irish Jonny and he is dear and loves Jesus and, if he would just stay a little longer, I'm sure I could find him a charming young lassie with whom he could share his love of football (soccer) and inner-city ministry. 

The other day, I was telling him I had my reunion this weekend and he said in his precious accent, "Melissa, what year did ye graduate?"


Oh, yeah?  I was born in 1991.

Remember when I used the word precious?  I totally take that back.

In preparation for my reunion, I thought it would be a great idea to take all my kids, Irish Jonny, and his friend Glenn with me to the mall so I could look for the ever elusive pair of perfectly fitting, yet affordable, white jeans. Those words make up the oxymoron that became our great fool's errand.  And because we, as a rule, rise to the challenge and then are easily distracted, we did practically everything but look for white jeans.  We perused every athletic shoe store, ran down the 'up' escalator, and begged samples from the marginalized Godiva chocolate clerk who was carefully filling chocolate tarts with berries and sugary goodness.  Poor guy.  Irish Jonny and Glen insisted the chocolate they had in Ireland was so fabulous compared to our suckish variety.

"Really?  Have you tried a Peanut M&M?"

They scoffed at me and my blind love of substandard chocolate which, by the way, might explain my inability to find well-fitting white jeans.

It might also explain my love of voluminous Laura Ashley frocks.  Back in the day.  


Traci said...

Graduation 1989- Laura Ashley floral dress (TEAL floral dress) with a sweetheart neckline; WHITE hose, and fushia Sam & Libby flats- Try to beat that ensemble missy! Have fun!

happygeek said...

But the real questions is, did your eyeshadow match your dress?
And HUGE props to a woman who would take 8 kids to the mall. HUGE.

Holli said...

Have a GREAT TIME!!!
I think you should pull the Laura Ashely and wear that again!!

The Pennington Point said...

Hey, we're from the same hometown. I went to Klein. Wasn't it quaint cruising down 1960 and watching new businesses pop up every day? Ahhh...the small town goodness. Have fun at your reunion. Lisa~

Henley on the Horn said...

Are you going to post pics from 1990 and pics from today? I totally want to see you in that Laura Ashley dress. I was more of a jumpsuit kind of girl. I had the big ole empire waist Laura Ashley dress, but I also had empire waist jumpsuits that I rocked. I think I just took your LA dress and raised it.

Ashley Self said...

That makes me laugh! I loved rocking my Laura Ashley anything. Mostly on Easter Sunday with my hose, white shoes, and let's not forget the hair bow.

Candy said...

Think you need to tell how your cool reunion outfit all came together INCLUDING the cool white pants (not jeans!!) and the economy of it all. The Lord provides in all things--- even 20th reunions.
I am really sad to miss Bunty's 50th (yes, 50th) in August when we're in Colorado.

Love you!


Becca said...

This made me laugh a lot. I've met Jonny and he really is precious, it made me want to talk with an Irish accent :-)

Andrea said...

three words: puffy heart necklaces.

Wes said...

"I am from Spring." "Spring is my hometown." Why was it hard to avoid ending that sentence in a preposition?

Karin Katherine said...

Laura Ashley dresses with the giant colors and tiny flowers...oh how I loved those dresses and wearing them on Sundays at First Baptist of Orlando. I think it was the uniform of Southern Baptist teens...ah, the memories!

Enjoy your class reunion. You will be amazed at how bald and old the boys look...

Oh yes, I went there and typed it out. tee hee

Jonnya5 said...

I'm happy with the mention, it's the closest thing to fame I have experienced! Keep looking for that American girl - I hope to be back!