Monday, July 12, 2010

A lesson for the entrepenuer.

Our house has been pretty full this summer with basketball playin' teenage boys.  Darius and his friends tend to hang out here when they're not on the court somewhere.  I've encouraged multiple daily showers as subtly as possible with phrases like, "Soap is your friend", and "Do you know what smell girls love the most?  Soap."

Sometimes, they take the hint, sometimes I light candles.

My favorite is this one by Voluspa.

The scent is Baltic Amber and it's fabulous.  It kinda makes me wish I'd invented it - a little the same way I wish I'd invented kooky pens, and rubber bands shaped like animals/dinosaurs/sea creatures that kids could wear around their wrists until they cut off the circulation and turned their fingers purple. 

Speaking purely from experience.

Anyway, usually, the candle can cut through the worst stinky boy smell but the other day, Baltic Amber met his match.  The boys are almost constantly eating from turkey sandwiches to chocolate cake and, the other day, one of the boys' friends was making some microwave popcorn.  It would have been all fine and good if he hadn't also been playing a video game and set the timer for about 7 minutes. 

It doesn't take 7 minutes to make microwave popcorn.  It actually takes about a minute and 40 seconds so, when Jamie finally remembered his snack, it was flaming and had filled my house with smoke and a smell the likes of which my Baltic Amber candle couldn't conquer if I'd burned a zillion of them all night long.

My clothes even smell.  So does the dog.

So, the moral to the story, and my takeaway was this.  Coming up with the next big thing is not as easy as it looks but sometimes, there are some obvious product ideas to avoid.  For instance, I think I'd shy away from the burnt popcorn scented candle.

Probably wouldn't be my biggest seller.


emily said...

Oh no. We did that once and wow, what a smell. Took some time for it to go away! Sorry about that one.

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

i just tagged you in an award! stop by to check it out:

Traci said...

Yikes on the popcorn and on the stinky boys.

Becca said...

Seriously, burnt popcorn is the worst smell imaginable. Kind of like how buttered popcorn jelly bellys are terrible . . . Hate them.

Marian said...

You'll be remembering that incident for a long time, unfortunately! I do think it's safe to say that Yankee Candle will also never come out with a Hermit Crab Food scented candle.

The B4 said...

I've got plenty o' stink over here! Candles and Dial soap are my friends.

Kim said...

I am taking notes as we are the hang out house in Hong Kong. I know all about that stinky boy smell. Strongly considering a boycott on popcorn.

kaseye said...

Where did you get the candle??

kathy said...

Popcorn Smells not good but Taste awesome.