Friday, July 30, 2010

New morning routine. Established.

Last night, Bunty and Buddy arrived from Dallas.

Bunty had a board meeting so couldn't come up until yesterday and Buddy was his driving companion.  Buddy is Nanny and Bunty's Lab.

He tips in at about 125 and rode the whole way in the front seat.  With a pillow.  And with his charm and personality, he got Bunty out of a ticket on the way.

This morning, I took Buddy down the driveway and the town below looked like this.

It was beautiful and about 60 degrees.

Then, we came in and Trey and I were introduced to Buddy's morning routine.  Nanny and Bunty drink their coffee and about half way through their cups, Buddy comes over and waits patiently for his turn.

And then, he gets his morning cup of Joe.

When he starts reading the morning paper, we might be in trouble.

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and 2 became 5 said...

no way. that dog drinks coffee? hilarious.

Grammyglasses said...

Is there something wrong with sharing good things with a member of your family? Your 6 pound brother, Bailey, eats (expects his portion) scrambled eggs made especially for him on the weekend with your father! I take out the bowl and wisk and he's right next to me - he knows exactly what day of the week it is!

Both Buddy and Bailey (and I'll bet Scout to some degree) have us all perfectly trained!!!!

Kim said...

Our Boxer, Breezy, loves coffee! If we want her to come and she's feeling stubborn, all we have to do is holler, "It's coffee!". She beats feet to wherever we are!

Henley on the Horn said...

Too funny. I just hope the coffee doesn't promote any "movement" , if you know what I mean! You don't want to have to fight for the toilet! Ha!

Colored With Memories said...

wow. that's awesome. i fear i wouldn't have a drop left to share though!

Lauren V. said...

Haha, that's great! I wonder if there is a correlation between Buddy's need for coffee and the pillow necessary for his road trip...Enjoy the bounty of the Lord's creation!

GINGER said...

So good to see pictures of youall thanks Melissa for sending your wonderful blog. Love Ginger

Karin Katherine said...

But will he lick a spider and tell you if it tastes like black licorice?

Tricia said...

Sweet doggie. This is hilarious.

Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

i'm sure you're enjoying the "peace and quiet" that comes with a vacation ... i always enjoy the products you post as giveaways and wanted to pass my mini giveaway on to you!

Karen said...

Hope you are loving the vacation! We have a lab puppy that looks just like Buddy! Down to the same markings on his back.
I hope Nomad is that beautiful when he is grown. Not sure about the coffee though. We aren't coffee drinkers. Now Dr. Pepper is another story.