Friday, July 9, 2010

You put your lick on it.

Our 8 year old, Graham, has some serious idiosyncrasies.

I had to look that one up twice to make sure I was spelling it correctly. I am. Trust me.

You just looked it up, didn't you?

Anyway, one of the things he, um, strongly dislikes, is if you take a bite of something he's eating - especially if you use his fork/spoon/straw because, obviously, you put your lick on it. He's often asking when handed a bowl of something, "Did you put your lick on it?" Which we always reply, "No.", because we don't want to have to re-prepare the dish making sure it is 'lick-less'.

I'm telling you this as a stupid segue into what will now become my most educational post ever. I'm actually thinking of turning this blog into a resource for homeschooling moms, scientists, or Harvard professors so, your reactions to this post will either confirm or deny my new found call.

Are you ready? Hang onto your hats - which, if your weather has been anything like ours, are large brimmed and SPF 8 billion.

Several years ago, Trey told me the story of the Nature Studies Teacher at West Dallas Community School who had all her students on a nature hike one day when they came to a cluster of Daddy Long Leg spiders.

She gently plucked one down, held it out for the curious kids to see, and then to their disgust, licked the back of the spider.

"It tastes kind of like licorice!" She exclaimed.

The kids were falling out all over the place.  "That's NASTY!"  "SO NASTY"  "AW, THAT'S SO WRONG!"  But, minutes later, all these little inner-city kids were hunting down their own daddy long leg spiders and licking them too, squealing, "It really does taste!  That's so CRAZY!"

I've always loved that story because I love nature studies and watching children being wowed by God's creation.  That being said, while we were at the ranch this weekend, we found cluster after cluster of Daddy Long Legs and I felt prompted to have our own nature studies class right by the pool.

I caught one, closed my eyes, and licked it.  Weird.  Kinda like black licorice or peppermint.  Kinda numbed my tongue a little.  You know you're gonna try it.

For the next fifteen minutes, 12 people - four over the age of 29 - were catching creepy crawly things and licking them to test my theory.  Graham had to make sure he was catching spiders that no one else had 'put their lick on'.  By the end of the morning, that was no easy task.

Later, Trey asked me, "Now, where did you hear that story?"

"I thought YOU told me!"

"Nope, never heard it before."

"Oh.  My bad."

Footnote: Daddy Long Legs, or Harvestmen, are, in fact, arachnids but not actually spiders.  They have only one body section and two eyes, not eight, which makes it much easier to lick their backs without actually touching your tongue to their eyeballs.  Shudder.

They are also not poisonous.

Y'all have a great weekend!

*No daddy long legs were harmed in the execution of this experiment.

**Except for the one Sadie licked because, for the love of Pete, look how she's holding it.

This one may have lost a leg or two.


Deidra said...

Great post for a Friday. Gross. But great. And I won't be trying it but I will tell my son about it and he surely won't be able to resist!

Hannah "I can't believe I'm your friend" Garippa said...


Process Mapping Blog said...

Dear Adopted Daughter....We should have mentioned the Adapted part earlier!

See, we both learned something today... I learned that licking a "daddy long legs" tastes like black licorice or peppermint. How could I have lived for 62.5 years and missed out on licking spinders experience. I think I will pass because, like the "Grahamster", I would hate to try this because someone else may have "put their lick on it".

Love you Sprider Girl,

Maxine said...

I am definitely thinking that you must be more like your mother than your father...I can't EVER, EVER, EVER see your dad trying something like this ~ thank heaven!!!
Remind me to never kiss any of you guys when I see you.

Kristen said...

That is the most disgusting and interesting post I've ever read. :) Thanks for your humor and for what you do for West Dallas!

The B4 said...

That is hysterical!! You guys are fun people. Can we please hang out? I told Luke that Sadie is his kind of girl when I showed him her licking the Daddy Long Leg. I thought he might be enamored for life since he loves bug and critters. He said, "Yuck! No she isn''re my kind of girl!" He! He!

Becca said...

oh my word. Hilarious

The Pennington Point said...

Why would you tell people you licked a spider? Or a long legs, non spider, whatever. Really gross. If we ever meet in person (which is looking less and less likely as I read your posts), I'm totally bringing you some daddy long legs flavored candy. Yuck. Lisa~ (totally kidding I hope you know...I mean, where would I get daddy long legs candy?)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

1) This is indisputably (spelled that right first try) one of the weirdest blog posts I have ever written. You FREAK.

2) My exterminator, with whom I have developed a very close relationship due to some Nazi cockroaches that we have FINALLY kilt, told me that Daddy Longlegs are actually THE most poisonous spiders/arachnids/whatevers of them all. He just said they don't have enough venom to hurt us. But if we were the size of an ant, like, we'd be DEAD. When we licked them. Which I doubt we could do. Do ants even have tongues?


He also told me that there are some killer fleas on the loose. No, I'm serious. Dogs are a-dyin all over Houston.

That's all I got.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I meant weirdest I have ever readen, not written.

Melanie said...

OH, my.. not sure if I could try this or not. Although, I probably won't resist telling my kids and seeing if THEY will try it. :) Who would've thought a daddy long legs tasted like licorice??!! :)

Anonymous said...

The wallpaper in my house tastes like Snozberries...Get some! Love you, B.

Stacy Ann said...


I'll take your word for it. ;)

Mandy said...

Ya no...I most likely will not be trying this, but I did get a great laugh out of your retelling of you and your children licking them! Too funny!!

These Three Kings said...

DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!! yall are too much!!!!! Amber told me how crazy yall were! hahaah!! love it!

Henley on the Horn said...

You are a nut.

Gette said...

EEWWW - YUCK! Lol. Very interesting post I've ever read! And I won't ever try it!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Absolutely, positively no way would I ever do such a thing. Besides, I don't even like black licorice. But the story is hilarious!! Even though it makes me go "ewwwwww!!"

I found you from Kasey's blog. Am enjoying yours. :D

Karin Katherine said...

You are officially ready to HOMESCHOOL. So, we'll see you hear the 2nd week of August for Science Nature Studies...I'll have your SPF 8 billion hat ready.

Melanie said...

you are deathly scared of a roach... (which you would never have to touch...ever)... but will lick a daddy long legs.
Good for you!!!