Friday, August 27, 2010

And it begins...

Along with most of you, we started school this week. Darius had his last, first day of school and, as a Senior, was quick to think he could get a pass on the whole "shirts tucked in, no saggin'" policy.  Not so fast, Cowboy.  The administration was on him like butter on a biscuit.  One more year, baby.  One more year.

We're so, so proud of him. 

You know what high school Seniors like?  They like someone following them into school on their last day with a camera.  They LOVE it.

Next, Dea started his Sophomore year of college and is an amazing student.  He works harder and is more disciplined than I ever was and we're so proud of him, too!

And, the final four...

Because our school likes to walk on the wild side, we started in the middle of the week instead of Monday because, well, we can.

The 6th grade classrooms that Tee and his cohorts will be occupying aren't quite finished so he actually got an extra three days and will officially start 6th grade on Monday. Even though, technically, he could have slept in Wednesday morning, we're just not that nice. All the kids were up at the crack of dawn rushing to get showered, dressed, breakfasted (not a word), and out the door by 7:15. Yeah, not so much. I was brushing Olivia's hair and doing my makeup on the way. It made driving a little difficult but it's not like I was texting or anything. Geesh.

That was a joke. Trey drove. Now, close out that feisty email you were about to send me.

Here's the crew before opening chapel.

Tee spent the day with a friend so I came home, for the first time in a long, long while, to an empty house.  Even though Sadie was in Kindergarten last year, she only went to school two days a week.  This year, she'll be gone all five.  I'm a little bit of a mess.  For eleven years, I've had kids at home.  I've been crazy busy with bottles, and diapers, and boogers but I've really felt that season change this week and it's been a little no es bueno.

This picture was from our Christmas card when Tee was about 18 months old.  Olivia wasn't even born and so she, Graham, and Sadie were all having a party in my tummy.  I'm sorry, that's just what they used to think before I told them how babies were made. 

Look at his stinkin' cheeks.  And his haircut.  Yum.

Anyway, we were driving on the other side of town a few days ago and stumbled upon this same park.  We used to play there almost every day between naps.  I'd call a friend, pack our lunch, and go.

Now, he's 11 and I made him get out of the car and take a picture in the same spot.  Buddy, you're killin' me. 

So, all that to say, Trey came home Wednesday to me in my empty house and I was a sobbing mess lost in my sappy drama.

"Do you remember the day we brought Sadie home from the hospital?  I can remember what the weather was like."

"Yeah, me too."

"Trey, that was six and a half years ago.  We have that long with Tee and he's gone.  Gone!"  More sobbing.  "Did I read enough books to Sadie?  Did I color with them on the floor as much as I could?  Should I have bought organic chicken?"  Full-on, ugly cry.

Frankly, I'm pretty sure Trey was hoping to take advantage of the empty house that I was now sobbing over, but he was selfless and offered to, instead, stay home and talk incessantly to me all day just like Sadie does.

"No, it's ok.  It just wouldn't be the same without the lisp."


Henley on the Horn said...

HUgs, sweet friend, I don't know what I'll do when our house is empty like that for 6 hours a day. It will be way too soon. I'm thinkin' I'll just have another baby so I'll be at 6 like you!

Dina said...

I have a new baby at home and I was just saying on her first day of kindergarten I am going to come home and take a long nap. Now I will just appreciate the time with her.

Hey, maybe you just need another baby!

Grateful for Grace said...

Oh, man, now I'm bawling.
(pulling myself together)
Ok... homeschool!
have another baby!!


That photo of your baby and now at 11... oh, my, oh, my! What a cute idea and precious.


Rebecca Lutz said...

Yes it does go soooo fast. We had our last first day of school ever on Monday! (+1st day of soph. yr at Baylor). Showing up at high school is the best threat ever - keep it in mind. It's like the blink of an eye! One day they want you to drive all the field trips and be the room mom and bring them lunch everyday, and by 9th grade having you show up at school is like Chinese water torture! Works every time!

a girl said...

Your kids are so stinkin cute!

I just want to come hang out at your house for like... an hour. It seems like y'all have a lot of fun!

Holli said...

I cried and laughed AT THIS ONE.
LOVE then and now pics!
heres to a great year and me coloring on the floor more and keep buying organics! haha!

stan said...

Aw I totally feel your pain. Except Jay is just starting preschool 2 days a week this year, and frankly I couldn't be more excited about it! However, it does just FLY by doesnt it? ridiculous.

Birdie Pearl said...

I am with you bawlin' all over the place! My oldest is twelve and my baby just started first grade, too. I have been going through the very same emotions! We started school the week before you and I can say that this week,I actually started to enjoy the empty house kid-free days. Yes,in time you feel better!

Kim said...

Pobrecita! We homeschooled so didn't have that particular experience, but I do remember crying all the way home -- during a 3 hour plane ride -- after dropping my baby off at college. The young girl seated next to me must have thought someone had died the way I cried and cried and cried. Fortunately for my husband, I was pretty much cried out by the time I finally arrived back home. Just tell Tee & Co. they can't go to college farther than a 30 minute car drive from home :)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I think that particular senior did love it. :)

I gotcha with the guilt thing. And I still have 2almost3 at home.

OBviously it's time for you to adopt a little kid. Ever heard of Emily Alexander? She can fill you in. ;)

Shara said...

I went through some of those same feelings last week. I was a SAHM for 18 years, and I homeschooled my boys for the last four. Last week, my daughter started college and my youngest son (w/Autism) started public HS after being home with me for 4.5 years. I was a very sad mommy that day.

Today I start college (after 16 years), and I am very excited to have something to keep me busy and my mind off of how quickly my babies are growing up!!

micrendle said...

I started crying the night before first grade and looking at baby pictures. I am glad I am not the only one with mama drama.