Monday, August 23, 2010

Ask and you shall receive...

Ok, you asked for it, and I aim to please...the recipe for Hulk Juice from my friend Katy.

I don't have pictures of this one but it comes out bright, bright green resembling the color of a Margarita from a cheap Tex-Mex restaurant - only, without all the accompanying fun and laughter.

Hulk Juice
1 handful of fresh kale, rinsed and, well, that's it.  Just shove it in the blender.
1 handful of frozen peaches.  They're actually a very nice compliment to the kale - whatever that means.
lime juice because, as Katy says, it kinda cuts the grassy taste from the kale.  I'm hungry already.
agave nectar
2 cups water

Ok, instead of the hard, back-breaking work it takes to squeeze fresh limes, I use this.  About 1 cup of this, one cup water.

Then, I skip the Agave nectar because, frankly, my kids are so sweet, they don't need any more sugar.

Right?  Riiiiiiiight.

My big boys love it (possibly a slight exaggeration but they'll drink it everyday).  Sometimes, I throw a handful of blueberries in because I'm crazy that way.  My little ones are pickier and would love only fruit but it is an excellent example of how they don't always get what they want - enter maniacal laughter.

Katy's second recipe, I tried yesterday.  I loved it - perhaps it was the cream.

Popeye Smoothie (Katy didn't give me a name so I made this lame one up)
1 handful fresh spinach
1 C strawberries
1 C orange juice
Splash of cream

Let me know what y'all think!

In other news,  DISD's first day of school was today so Mercy Street, with the help of several other DFW church partners including Park Cities Presbyterian, Irving Bible, Believers Chapel, and Arlington Presbyterian, gathered Saturday to help get the buildings and classrooms ready.

Several of the schools were under construction all summer so there was lots to do.  We cleaned out lockers, swept hallways,

hung bulletin boards, number lines, organized classrooms, 


hung the solar system for science classrooms, and hugged and encouraged the administration.

I would have more pictures but my children hijacked my camera and took lots of shots that I couldn't identify.

Except for this one.  It's a skateboard.

We have been incredibly amazed at Mercy Street to see so many different churches come together and work alongside one another in an effort to bless a community by being the hands and feet of Christ.  

I was so thankful, I thought about giving everyone there a nice cold glass of Hulk Juice in appreciation.  Trey said no.  I think it's his way of protecting me from myself.


TN Mimi said...

Thank you! Thank you! I feel healthier already!

Jen said...

It was great to see you on Saturday!

I am sorry again we didn't have any diet coke to pass out. ;)

Kate said...

Mel, I always love your posts! :) So blessed by seeing what you guys are doing! We do that smoothie too, with blueberry/pomegranate juice instead of orange...try it, its yummy :) hope you guys are well!

Candy said...

Do you have any other recipes I could use with the Simply Limeade?
Just wondering? Love the stuff!



P.S. Praying for 1st day of school tomorrow!

Kim said...

That's very cool!
We've observed that there's generally a clearer "denominational" line in the U.S. so it's good to hear of instances where believers from different churches come together for the common good. Great idea to help the schools in that way!

emily said...

Clearly I am behind in reading b/c I have NO idea what Hulk Juice is......... I did hear after the fact that APC went to help, awesome.

Grateful for Grace said...

Oh, these recipes will be tried here! thanks!

though agave nectar isn't all the health food people thought it was, so I'm glad you skipped it. we will too. maybe honey if they need some sweetness.

Becca said...

haha I want some Hulk Juice! :-) yum
well, i might want mine without the green-stuff . . . unless you promise i can't taste it!

Karin Katherine said...

Hmmm, I will have to try those...and then share my GREEN Smoothie recipe with you. Kids won't drink it. What do they know?