Monday, August 30, 2010

Embracing the inevitable.

With the start of school comes the event that has been carried on generation after generation - the back-to-school haircut.

Back in the day, mom's put on their aprons, whipped out scissors and lollipops and, during commercial breaks for "Days of Our Lives" brought their boys' unruly locks into submission before the announcer could say, "Like sands through the hourglass..."

Ok, maybe not exactly that way but you for sure can hear that guys voice as you say that line over and over to yourself in your head. Creepy isn't it?

I know.

Tee was first.  No brainer.  He loves himself a buzz and momma can do it almost painlessly.  Unless, of course, other children are playing in the backyard and a soccer ball accidentally bumps me.

Sorry about the ear, buddy.  Thankfully, it's a mere flesh wound.

Over the summer we had agreed to let Graham's hair grow as long as he wanted with the understanding that come August, it was gone like my quickly fading summer tan from a bottle. He didn't really get that metaphor but agreed and enjoyed his summer in hair heaven.

And then came Saturday and Sports Clips.

He was a trooper and sat patiently as his summer fell to the ground in blond bunches.

He's got great eyes and I love getting to actually look into them now.

Finally, was Quincy.  If you were around this blog in it's infancy...which...for some reason, it still is, you read a lot about Quincy.  Here's the first post I ever wrote about him and he was a permanent fixture in our house until about two years ago.  His momma moved out of the community to the other side of town and now, we rarely saw him.

Last weekend, he kind-of just reappeared.  He came to our house, went to Mindy and Garrett's and then back again.  He rearranged furniture just like he used to, started redecorating, and cleared out the closet under our stairs so that he could have a room when he came back to visit - which, he announced, would now be just about every weekend.

Since school was about to start, Quincy definitely needed an edge-up so I took him to the barber down the street.

I'm sorry I don't have pictures from inside the barbershop where I sat with Quincy and Olivia and Sadie but, may I tell you, it was awesome.  After about five minutes, Olivia was trading Silly Bands with the barber's 5 year old son.  Silly Bands - the universal language of children - why didn't I think of those?

Quincy was bound and determined to get one of my very least favorite haircuts in the community but, once we walked in, I lost all footing since every man and boy waiting to get a cut, was sporting the look.

The haircut is called the Dougie.  From the front, it actually looks very nice.  Clean and tight without all the designs, etc.

It's the rear-view I just can't figure out.  They leave a patch at the bottom uncut and it is wildly popular and with that last phrase, I have officially become my mother.

There's even a dance.  It's called, surprisingly, the "Dougie" and goes something like this... um, yeah, nevermind.  I had never actually watched any of the videos before and the song is sorta, kinda, really inappropriate.

But this is the haircut.

There's so much skin showing on Quincy's head, it gave Graham the hives.


Henley on the Horn said...

Only you, Hood Mama, only you. Let us know when Trey is going to be sportin' his Dougie!

Becca said...

Oh my gosh the back of his head is rid-ic-ulous. Seriously.

But I'm so excited Quincy is back for some reason haha :-)

Traci said...

Huh. Haven't seen that one yet. Kind of neat.

mindalou said... forgot to add that he then tried to spray paint it gold at my house...he even made a stencil the shape of it and everything!

Gotta love his 'swag.'
i too am glad Q is back in town!

Kim said...

Quincy's return gives me hope that I will being seen more of Angel soon!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Candy said...

Oh my goodness! Hannah told me at lunch that Quincy is back.

The haircut is ridiculous. Lovin' it that he's back.



Elizabeth said...

Is this is new kind of hair cut? Anyways, its not looking so good.