Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pine Cove - bear free

One of the last mornings we spent in Colorado was going as smoothly as possible when my family is involved. The kids were playing a game and Sadie was coloring and wanted a big leaf from outside to draw. She walked out our front door, ran down the driveway an picked a leaf and then walked back in the house. As the door closed behind her, she said, "Somebody's been foolin' with our cooler! They made a big mess!" then she went to make herself another waffle. We walked outside to find this...

The cooler had been dumped over and the juice boxes ripped open. Then we saw these. For those of you who can't immediately identify all kinds of footprints, these are bear tracks.

Even Buddy, who never met a stranger, was a little freaked out. He could smell the bear and really didn't want to venture back outside for the rest of the morning.

The marks on the cooler - claw marks.

As freaky as it was that a bear had come up to our front door that morning while we all ate breakfast was, I knew the beast was somehow, instinctually, more afraid of me than I was of him. See.

He drank all those juice boxes but didn't touch my Diet Cokes. Smart bear. On another, more fun note, this week, Mercy Street has once again been blessed to bring 120 kids down to Pine Cove Outback for a week of summer camp. We've had a great time and are only 3 days in. We've done zip lines, blobs, played football, basketball, and pickle ball and the kids are having a blast. On the way down, one of the kids asked if there were bears. I quickly dismissed te notion with, "No, there aren't any bears in Texas!" Trey corrected me because he loves me and wants me to have all the facts. "There actually ARE bears in some part of Texas." Sometimes, I could do with a little less love. I just hope all the bears are as smart as our friend in Colorado. At camp, I get one Diet Coke a day. One. And if some bear messes with that, he's gonna rue the day.


Henley on the Horn said...

We were just in Dallas and I SO wanted to come and meet you, but Amy said you were at Pine Cove! Have fun and beware of BEARS!!! Paws off your Diet Coke!

Deidra said...

I've never seen a bear in real life that wasn't on TV or in the zoo, so my mind just thinks of those build-a-bear types whenever anyone mentions bears. Even having someone tell me there are bears wouldn't freak me out until I saw those huge prints on my very own sidewalk. Then, I would pack up my remaining three beverages and high-tail it on out of there. See... this is why you are my hero!