Saturday, August 7, 2010


Well, we're back from vacation and have hit the ground running.  Apparently, some institution called SCHOOL wants my children to return in just a couple of weeks and there are a myriad of things to get done.

I feel like Willy Wonka..."We have so much time, and so little to do!  Strike that, reverse it."

Anyway, we had a great time and loved being up in the mountains.  Everything is all majestic and beautiful and wildflowers like this one were everywhere.  Did you know, Crested Butte is the Wildflower Capital of the U.S.?  Me neither.  There ya have it.

But it wasn't all flowers and sunshine and I've got a little story for you.  

One day, we all, including the dog, traveled by very narrow road out to the beautiful Emerald Lake.  While Buddy was swimming in the frigid waters, Olivia, Tee, and I hiked up to get a handful of snow that was still on the ground.  

I thought about that snow today when it was 105 and I wish I could lay in it.
Anyway, on our way out, it started to rain.  Not a gentle rain like in storybooks but a torrential downpour accompanied by hail.  We pulled off just for a minute under some trees to try and get some shelter and prevent our windshield from breaking.

Well, slap us and call us city-folk, our car, I'm sorry, correct that, giant church VAN, got stuck in the mud.  Trey, Bunty, and Darius tried with all their might to get us unstuck but city-folk drive city vans and city vans don't have no 4-wheel drive.

Here's a picture of Darius winning Camper of the Day, standing outside with the men in the cold rain trying not to think about how cold he was.

Some nice people stopped to pull us out but apparently, they were city-folk too because they used a bike cable and it snapped in about two seconds.

They were kind enough, though, to take Trey back to the house where he got the 4-wheel drive Suburban of Studville and came back to rescue his family.

The entire time he was gone, Graham kept asking, "Are we gonna have to sleep out here, Momma?"

"No, son, you know your momma's not a camper."

Within the short time Trey was gone, the entire road had washed out.  Thankfully, the Suburban made it across and we slept in our cozy beds instead of on the van seats where the seatbelt buckles stick into your back.

The whole incident reminded me of a story a friend told me in college.  He and his little brother were out four-wheeling on their family's ranch.  They got stuck way up on a ridge-thingie and the little brother, connecting dots in his little brain and feeling finally wise in the ways of the world said with great confidence, "Well, I guess we're S.O.L.!" 

The older brother, shocked that his little bro might know this term said, "Buddy, do you even know what that means?!?"

"Yep.  Sure do.  Stuck on a Levee."

Yes, yes it does.


emily said...

That van has sure had some adventures there in CB. Wish we had been able to join you.

Candy said...

And let's not forget that in discussing how we might be real, live survivors that one of the children (who will remain annonymous) suggested that Buddy could serve as food!

Emerald Lake was gorgeous. And, it's raining as hard right now as it did last week!


Henley on the Horn said...

You all are too doggone funny. How does this stuff always happen to you???!!

These Three Kings said...

HAAAA ! Never a dull moment with yall! WE need to plan a visit! Are yall coming to CCDA this year?! I am excited, we will be in my old hood!! Glad you made it our safely!

Daisy Girl said...

ha ha ha ha haha..... I always enjoy your post-humorous re-interpretations of your stories. Thanks for sharing!

Holli said...

oh how I have missed your posts!
the s.o.l. times on family vacations is what makes GREAT memories! and great post for us blogger friends!!!