Monday, September 13, 2010

How was your weekend?

So much to write about, so little energy. Last Thursday afternoon, a tornado blew right over our house. As we were all finishing homework, and the big boys were raiding my refrigerator, sirens started sounding throughout the neighborhood.

We cut on the television only to see a funnel cloud passing behind the lead smelter smoke stack that sits about 1 mile from our house.


The kids ran to the closet under the stairs and I ran to the door with my camera. I know. I KNOW! Trey was out of town and had taken with him, apparently, my better judgment. Graham was screaming at me to get in the closet and the big boys were searching the sky - I didn't get one picture. We saw it and shot back inside and in a second, it was gone. The sky cleared and the sun came out. Just about two miles from us, a building was completely collapsed. We are so thankful it missed us and Trey is never allowed to leave town again when rain is in the forecast.

Saturday morning, Trey was home and we got dressed to attend the most fun event I'd been to in a while.

The Golden Gate Missionary Baptist Church was celebrating it's 80th year and also, it's Silver Eagles - those in the congregation who'd reached 70 years old - at a luncheon. Trey was being honored by the church with the President's Award for Christian Service in the community.

We dressed up and headed to lunch.

Along with Trey, two beautiful women who had given their lives to their communities were also being honored. We shared our table with one of the honorees, Mrs. Fain's, family.

Here's a pic of Mrs. Fain and the Pastor.  Her daughters said she was feisty and still, even at 85, sang and drove her Cadillac all over town.

When the Pastor handed her the mic., this was her daughter's expression.  "Oh, no, Shortcake's gonna talk, we may be here a while."

Shortcake, as they called her, kept it brief but encouraged us to get out and vote.  She may have shaken her finger at us all.

We were all so blessed by the day and we have a feeling Trey might walk in his office one morning and find Mrs. Fain sitting at his desk telling him how the cow at the cabbage.

As we were combing through the program, we saw Trey's name listed again on the program for Sunday morning.  We hadn't planned on joining Golden Gate for church but our plans had been changed for us.

When we told the big boys where we were going, they said, "Is that a black folk's church?  Oh, no!  We're not going there!  Mamelissa, we'll be there ALL DAY!  They'll preach, break for lunch, and just when you think you can go on home and take a nap, they'll call you back in for more preachin'!  NO WAY!"

Well, sure enough, as we started getting dressed, those little stinkers changed their minds and joined us - along with Quincy who stayed the weekend.

It was awesome!  Now, we're coming out of a traditional Presbyterian experience where, if the Preacher goes 59 minutes, you might see some people start looking at their watches.  Not at the Golden Gate Missionary Baptist Church.  An hour and forty-five minutes in, the Preacher was still going strong and people were standing up cheering him on.  He was sweating, and kept wiping his brow with a towel.  Fans were waving and Sadie only jumped once when his voice boomed across the room.  The kids were perfect - mostly because Dea, Darius, and Quincy were such great examples.

I loved so many things about the weekend but mostly, I loved seeing the beautiful diversity within the Body of Christ and how He is the great Unifier.

Afterward, we were welcomed and hugged by just about everyone in the congregation and given a slice of the best sweet potato pound cake I'd ever tasted.  Ok, it was the only sweet potato pound cake I'd ever tasted and it was awesome.

Prayerfully, we'll get to visit again.  There's a little part of us that's afraid Mrs. Fain might show up at our house on Sunday morning to drag us by our ears.

It could totally happen.


Henley on the Horn said...

The best funeral I ever attended was at a church like that. I loved it so much that I wrote a short story about it.

These Three Kings said...

Hey! my daughter and I prayed for your guys this past week in Chicago, She was soo worried that you all and Amber had gotten hurt. It was soo precious to hear her prayers for your safety! Missed you at CCDA! Glad to see you are doing well. Loove hearing about Mrs. Fain..we need her over here! LOL!
Congrats Trey!

Candy said...

Mrs. Fain may be little but she does pack a punch in that little body. Loved her and loved her family.
God is good!

The luncheon was awesome and LONG as well, but really, really fun.


Kim said...

This post brought back wonderful memories of our year in Uganda and the Sunday service that went three hours on average :) So much singing, preaching, rejoicing... It was also the only service of the week since folks had to walk so far to get there.

And then later, while on deputation, we were taken in and loved on by a predominantly black church that kept asking us back (gotta love that!). I am sure we got hugs from everyone every time we went :) When it was time for our commissioning service we asked that congregation to join us at our home church and share in the festivities. What an AMAZING service, and how blessed we are to be part of this bigger family of God!

Rebecca Lutz said...

I can't resist commenting on Trey's photo with Mrs. Fain etc. What an incredible photo! I wonder if Trey pictured himself (when he was a teenager) someday getting an award in a black church with two little black ladies. Maybe he pictured himself winning the Heisman trophy or having his picture in some sports hall of fame. My boys are definitely not picturing themselves in a photo like the one you took of Trey. My 20 yr. old imagines himself driving the fastest, coolest car ever made and my 17 year old pictures himself blowing up Afghanistan with the Marines! I'm not sure where we went wrong. I do know that you and Trey are in the "hall of fame" that lasts for eternity. You are giving your children a childhood that will allow them to overcome the "entitlement" attitude that is ruining our culture. Thank you for sharing your journey. We are encouraged!